Zoo Negara
The Zoo Negara features about 400 species of Malaysian and exotic mammals, reptiles and birds. Of these, the majority are fish and bird species while about a hundred are mammals and the reptiles. The National Zoo is situated 13 km from the centre of Kuala Lumpur. Its aquarium "Tunku Abdul Rahman Aquarium" is a very popular attraction. It displays over 80 species of aquatic animals, both marine and freshwater, including invertebrates.
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Very good

Rashidee A
1 contribution
Oct 2022 • Family
The animals were displays is very less and unsatisfied. The animals looks very skinny and getting old. The visitors are visiting Zoo Negara feels uninteresting and disappointed with Zoo environment..

Feels not valuable and worth it paying the expensive tickets..

Wasting money, never come back!!
Written October 25, 2022
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Nayana Malar
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia8 contributions
Sep 2020 • Family
The trip was good for kids but overall zoo facilities can be improved. The zoo not properly managed, butterfly garden with only one butterfly, bee place with run down displays etc. And be early bird if want to watch the show as only limited 200 people allowed.
I hope all the donations given to zoo by some well known organisations recently will be used for zoo's improvement.
Written September 22, 2020
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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia273 contributions
May 2022 • Family
Felt that it could be so much better than what it is today. Some of the exhibits were nice e.g tigers, lions, tapir, elephants, giraffes, Capibaras and the Giant Panda. The Aquarium was appalling and poorly maintained. The bird aviary was also quite sad - especially for the larger birds like the Rhinoceros Hornbill, White Bellied Sea Eagle and Brahminy kites. The information boards are old and poorly maintained. Thrash was observed spilling out of the bins as well. Overall it has an aged and old feel to the zoo rather than a vibrant and thriving zoo to inspire kids about conservation.
Written May 4, 2022
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Sg petani25 contributions
Jun 2020
I contacted Zoo Negara Facebook page at least the response is fast. As I enquired on the online booking button that Zoo Negara website used to have is gone and out souced. So you gave me a link to buy online ticket from third party. But in the end as your customer I feel that the management of Zoo Negara is bad and after visiting the Zoo yesterday, the future of the Zoo should be bad too. The reason why I say so is the number of visitors at the Zoo is already low, Well the Zoo have got a few promotions like the first hundred of paying customers get a free 1 year pass and guess what its not mentioned here in Facebook or your website and even I had interactions with you, you did't promoted it so either you don't know of such promotions or the management is sleeping. So I went there with a e ticket and guess what, e tickets holders are not entitled to the free year pass which was not written anywhere as far as I know I am also a paying customer as my e ticket is not free. So the staff at the booth then says the e tickets are discounted tickets so I say I will top up what ever discounted amount to the full ticket price to get the free yearly pass also cannot. So after getting through the entry I ask the staff for a customer service manager, she answer today not in, Then I ask for any other manager or director she also says they are all not in. My god you are running and operating a Zoo with no senior staff that can assist. Finally I met the nicest Zoo personal who is the Zoo vet who help took my details and she say that she will get the customer service to call me. Yes your customer service people did call me and after asking me of the situation he said there is nothing he can do, Why call when you can't rectify the situation so that Zoo Negara pay extra for calling me and he feels his time working for Zoo Negara is justified.

Now on the animals in the Zoo I would say only the pandas were the best kept place. The rest like cows, deers and camels showcases is a quick walk pass as the smell of the animals excretion is very overpowering. The aquarium house looks and feels like a haunted house. And even our Orang Utan was not in. Anyone that goes there should look for the Zoo's vet lady, She not only took her time to know my displeasure, but she also told us stories that some of the animals thats are there like the animals background and the behavior patterns which were interesting to know.

Finally there are a group of staff who pretends to be friendly and their only intention is to get you to take photos at a fee.
Written June 16, 2020
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Sha L
12 contributions
Dec 2021 • Family
The saddest zoo I have ever been to. Even the zoo in Bogor is a lot better than this. Zoo Negara remains like a prison to the poor animals rather than a park or conservation.

Most animals spend their times living in the small cages with horrible condition. Monkeys sit sadly in their cells, one monkey displayed behaviour pattern like pacing and head bobbing which are signs of extreme stress in caged animals. One Siamang (gibbon) was caged isolated from its other friends for no reason, clinged to a cage too small for its size and I could clearly see tears falling from its eyes. It was too depressed to watch.

The cheetah was humiliated by some mean visitors- the visitors took photos and videos of the poor cheetah while she was pooing on the concrete table. It was so hard to watch and no Zoo staff was present to monitor the act of humiliation.

I could go on and on stating about the other conditions of other wild animals but it's too hard for me to continue.

I am Malaysian and I have no idea where are the millions of ringgits that people donated to the Zoo? This Zoo has also received sponsorships and support from the big conglomerates in Malaysia. Where have the money gone?

In today's society, ogling at animals in zoo behind small glass and cages like Zoo Negara seems crudely outdated. Certainly Zoo Negara is irrelevant and it is unnecessary in the animals' best interests.
Written December 3, 2021
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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia399 contributions
Jun 2020
Visited last Thursday, 25th June with my young daughter. They have all the SOP's for COVID 19. However, as you enter the zoo, they have the photographers who insist on you posing and insist on you going to the right so that you will pass thru the photos area ... this is really annoying! You go to a zoo to see animals and not take photo with backgrounds!!!

About the animals, the tiger was skinny and was seen eating twigs. The lion and lioness were skinny as well. The elephants were happy in the water as well as the hippos. The pandas are always sleeping (we visited the Thailand Zoo and their pandas are more active!)

About the show, conducted in Malay even if there are foreigners in the crowd. There was a short stint with the parrots and the sealion.

The cafes within the zoo ... nothing but junk food. There are birds out of their cages which is fine but we saw them eating from the trash bins and they loitered the trash as well.

The reptiles area was closed when we went before and it still is.
Written June 27, 2020
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Ottawa, Canada226 contributions
Jul 2022
Great place to take the kids for a semi-educational experience. The zoo seemed clean, the animals appeared to be well taken care of and there was a great diversity of animals. No complains, its a zoo so you should know more or less what to expect.
Written August 6, 2022
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Jenny Chee
1 contribution
Feb 2020
Visited Zoo Negara on a Monday. Only a few visitors walking around. It was so hot in the afternoon with so little trees. I guess the landscape need to improve. There were so many leaves and weeds on the sidewalk and in some cages, it doesnt look clean.

Most animals are living in spacious place and quite similar to their habitat. However, the cleaniness of the animal enclosures need to improve as it has unpleasant smells.

The signboards are not really helpful as we keep turning around the same place. Overall, the cafe and restaurant need to change, the food looks unappealing.

Facilities need to be improved and have more interesting shows.

The best thing i enjoyed was the panda and also friendly ZooKeepers
Written February 6, 2020
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Dhaka City, Bangladesh63 contributions
Jan 2020 • Family
We had family tour in the zoo. Pandas and animal show were great things. My kid enjoyed these two things. We enjoyed the photo shoot by the professional photographer as a family fun and bought soft copies too, pictures are too good to show to friends as a fun. Good thing for transport is we get grab easily and cheap for both way.
Written January 9, 2020
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews.

malaysia10 contributions
im a malaysian and i cant believe im gonna write about how bad experience i had with my own national zoo. I visited the zoo when i was little, and i dont think i remember any thing about it cos im a kid. Then to refresh my and my boyfriend's memory we decided to visit the zoo last weekend on a saturday.

First its located at a really bad traffic area which i need to jam and the signboards are pretty confusing. Im a malaysian and i can't understand (i wonder how do tourist get that) Thanks to my gps i am there! The parking A was full and we have to go further in for parking B area which is like the backdoor of the zoo and i have to say its pretty run down. Worse still i have to pay RM4.20 for an outdoor parking with service tax ! I was expecting only about RM1 or RM2 with that condition. Then to get our ticket, i remember my friend telling me it charged on RM10 if you're a malaysia. Turned out they increased the ticket price to RM20 for each malaysian adult. It seems to be reasonable since i've visited the Singapore zoo that cost me about 40SG and i really love it. So i was expecting that they make some new improvements. (bear in mind i saw a bunting called new insect zoo inside)

Then we walk to the entrance where they help us put on our hand tic band and the 2 of them were not even smiling. is like they didn even want to be here. And i didnt even get any zoo map or something!!! and what about the tram ride? Anyway we walked in and we first see the penguins. They have penguins this time!!! but they are all pretty dead and the space given is rather small. pity the poor penguins. Their so called aquarium inside is so run down. not that its dirty, run down in the sense that the water is all blur and dirty full with slime and i don't get to see any fish inside. Why do they exhibit something i cant see???

The animals are just plain being animals. No comment on that, but the place surrounding is pretty dirty and there's no one cleaning it. Its saturday and they dont even have workers around to take "happy" pictures with animals. then to feed the giraffe, need to pay an extra RM3 for 1 stick of leaves (or whatever) and to feed elephants is just 1 banana that cost another RM3. *such a damn money-suckers* but it's alright just for the fun to experience. Then it came to the monkey cages. OMG, the paint of the walls are shredding as if its falling apart. Totally no maintenance. Looking at it i kinda feel that if i were the monkey i rather be someplace else. They're no living in a space, they're living in a cage - a run down cage.

Then it came to the bird section. The entrance bar is totally rusty and peeling off. When i touched it, i got stained! Imagine how dirty. Its a bloody entrance man. Im still fine with it until i walk in and it already like a cage outside so i tot birds run freely after we walk in (i was wondering if i'll get any droppings) but those poor birds are caged up in a cage. And guess what it really stinks inside! there are like about 5 big birds in like a 6x6 space. poor thing. Don't get me started on the bat cages! i'll be on fire!

Then theres' this insect zoo says no.1 in malaysia. I was like okay lets go in. (i saw the banner at the entrance) i walked in there's 2 workers there asking me to show him ticket then he says my ticket is not allowed to go in. What??? He says i need to pay additional RM5 if u want to see. (when i bought the counter at the entrance they never said i need to pay for it) Ofcourse i wouldnt want to pay. What if its a fraud. The workers are not even wearing a proper uniform mind you. Either if the entrance counter never did a good job informing me about this or that the workers there are asking for an additional tip. Anyhow i am so not going to pay them. So i walk off and then i turned around to peek that everyone mostly with "tudung" just walked in without the workers even asking them to stop. Did they pay in advance? i don't know. But the foreigners and us needed to. Are they being racist? Cause im' also a malaysian trying to appreciate our national development.

then its time for the 3pm multi animal show. The announcer is not even exciting. the music's bad. everyone is like freaking hot there and there's not even enough space to sit. Audience even need to sit on the walk way. The board to say "zoo negara" is even covered . And ofcourse malaysian timing's always late. it started only about 3.30pm and the announcer came out mumbling his words to say welcome. I cant even hear him and i was sitting right in the middle. Worse still the announcer didn even put up a smile on his face. And he's talking in BM (the so called national language) and English together. That's fine with me if you need a translation, but it's freaking annoying because i first understood it in Bm then i have to listen to it in English *pretty waste of time* Since its like a tourist place i wonder why cant they just put a stop to the language (like ENGLISH). Even when i was in Thailand watching a run down snake show and they're at least speaking in English where everyone could understand. Then the show starts with a cute parrot and i cant hear the parrot's name cos the announcer's mumbling his way thru. i only know that its 85 years old or what. Then the announcer try to give some excitement that the bird is gonna do a pretty cool stunt turned out that the bird just do some tumbling around the loops hanging which every bird can do it. And talking about raising the national flag, cant they just put a national song to it? (at least they shud appreciate our own country) Then there's this about white bird who can do stunts like fly to ur hand and help pick something from you. Guess what, the announcer says for audience interaction, just stand up and hold RM10 in ur hand and it'll come to you. (Who would be that stupid?) RM10 bucks? I can buy a meal at the restaurant. Anyway there's this foreigner hold up RM1 and the bird flew and its so obvious that the trainer whilst to the bird not to collect it and flew back. Then try again with RM5 took a pretty long time to take it and i can see that the trainers are eye-ing on each other whether to get it. in the end there are about 5 people who does that. If they want a tip, ask professionally !

when i was visiting the singapore zoo, i tot it was really expensive after converting the currency, but it was awesome inside. Even the zoo restaurant and workers are every where to assist you when im lost. While visiting zoo negara i hardly see any workers who would put a nice smile on their face to just make one kid a happy experience. I was really disappointed at the fact that this place should be a tourist visit for our country to showcase our good service and multi-racial nation. Turned out, as a malaysian myself, im not even enjoying it!

And i don't think i would like to bring my little cousins for a visit.
Written May 31, 2010
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews.

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