Sumida River Fireworks

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Sumida River Fireworks
A fireworks display that takes place annually on the last Saturday of July along the Sumida River in the area near Asakusa and Mukojima. On the same scale as the "Tokyo Bay Taika Fire Festival" and the "Jingu Gaien Fireworks Display," the event is popular as one of "Tokyo's Big Three Fireworks Festivals." With roots going back to the Edo Period, the "Ryokoku River Opening" had its name changed and was carried on to the present. Although both banks are now crowded with buildings, it is a summer tradition that provides a glimpse of the Edo Period with the reflection of the fireworks and houseboats on the river's surface.
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The area
Neighborhood: Ueno, Asakusa
Traces of the history and culture of the Edo (old Tokyo) era remain vividly in Ueno and Asakusa. Spacious Ueno Park is a great place to relax and visit a variety of different museums and galleries. At Ameyoko which starts in front of Ueno station, the grocery stores and clothing shops are crammed alongside fishmongers. It gets particularly busy at the end of the year, when many people go on shopping sprees. The town of Asakusa, developed around Sensoji temple, has many shops selling goods and clothing from old Japan, making it a great place for souvenir hunting. It's also known for various annual festivals, and the whole district gets involved with the huge Sanja Festival in May.

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Very good

Manabu Yamaguchi
76 contributions
隅田川花火大会にて-At Sumida Firework Competition-
Aug 2019
This firework competition is famous in the metropolitan area Japan that's why so crowding in near the area.
Should be booking the restaurant that can be see into here because so hard to getting viewing place that mean just passed time looking for.
Of course great competition but I believe almost same satisfaction can be feel from other firework competition in the metropolitan area.
Written February 8, 2020
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27 contributions
Tokyo,a water city !
Sep 2018 • Friends
Whenever some friends of mine visit Tokyo, I always take them on this river boat adventure,time permeating, after the visit at famous Sensouji temple nearby.This boat trip is the only proof still nowadays that gives you an impression of the old city of Edo, which started to flourish on a delta of rivers and canals and later changed its name to Tokyo!
You can really feel that the city was a real water city, that now lost this impression because of so many canals in past centuries were being filled and built over by monstrous buildings and subway network.
For more curious and adventurous some small special tours take you through small canals on little boat, to feel the heartbeat of the deeper city pockets like Nihombashi.
Written February 13, 2019
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Novia Andriyani
Jakarta, Indonesia194 contributions
my first time firework in Tokyo
Jul 2018
this is the reason why I came to Tokyo just for 3 days, they change the date this year due to typhoon and rain in Tokyo.
you better come to get good place early (maybe around 3pm or 4pm). because after that time the place will be so crowd and difficult to get good place, and difficult to walking around.
Shiriori park is the best place, that's my 1st destination but change to my friend's rooftop then (this is good place too, because feels more private :B). another place is Tokyo Skytree but you must be ready with all people who want to get good place too.
in the end, please be careful when you back to hotel/ your home, even Japan is the most safe country in the world, but alcohol is absolutely dangerous (or can make people be danger people), so be careful
Written August 13, 2018
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Le Vesinet, France87 contributions
Long (1H30) but nice fireworks
Jul 2018
We took a boat tour to enjoy the fireworks without the crowd. Do not lunch before as you will start eating from 3:30pm and the wait until the firework (7pm) is long especially for children. expect to be seated on floor (tatami inside, hard floor on the boat roof). Fireworks are really nice, but never seen so long firework.
Written August 8, 2018
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13 contributions
Good if you can get a good spot
Jul 2016 • Friends
The Sumida River show is probably the biggest, most famous and certainly the most talked about fireworks event in Tokyo. It's also one of the few to actually be televised and featured on news programmes every year.

It's also probably the most over-rated show in Tokyo. Though the number of fireworks certainly is high (about 20,000 in total), there are two major things that limit enjoyment of the show every year.

1.) The 20,000 fireworks are split across two sites which are run by two separate fireworks teams. Though both sites are along the river, there is a significant distance between them and a ton of buildings. As such, finding a spot to calmly watch from where you can see both spots is extremely difficult.
Also, since the two sites are practically each running their own show, there's no synchronisation or real synergy behind it. It is more like seeing two large shows rather than seeing one big one.

2.) The event is too popular for its own good. Almost a million people pack the streets around the river every year trying to get a spot to watch from. The issue is with the narrow streets and small parks in the area in addition to all the buildings blocking your view. People will save spots from themselves from the earliest possible times so unless you get there extremely early, you may find yourself walking around for the length of the show, only being afforded brief glimpses at the fireworks whilst crossing one of the bridges.

Many people watch and enjoy the show despite the above, but my advice to any travelers who want to see the show is to book a hotel (early) with a view or otherwise try to get access to a rooftop or balcony that offers a clear view. For the actual quality of the show, diving into the throng on the ground is probably not worth it. Most of Tokyo's other big shows are just as good, if not better, even if they don't have the same level of prestige.
Written August 10, 2016
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Tsukuba, Japan16,677 contributions
The Annual Beautiful Event on Summer in Tokyo!!
Jul 2016 • Solo
Sumidagawa Fireworks Festival (Sumidagawa Hanabi Taikai) is an annual fireworks festival held on the last Saturday in July, over the Sumidagawa near Asakusa. The tradition of the festival can be traced back to 1732, when fireworks were launched as part of festivals for the dead. The country was in an economic crisis, and the people suffered from famine and disease to a greater degree than normal. Thus, the rituals and celebrations in which the fireworks took part played multiple roles. These were mourning observances for the dead, as well as celebrations of life, and entertainment for the poverty-stricken masses. The Sumidagawa Hanabi Taikai follows the tradition of being an intense competition between rival pyrotechnic groups. Each group tries to out-do the last, and the result is an incredible variety of fireworks, not just in different colors and patterns, but forming shapes as complicated as Doraemon, Pikachu, or kanji. It is a revival of celebrations held in the Edo period, and annually attracts close to a million celebrants. Similar events are held at the same time of year at many other sites throughout Japan. But, this festival here is one of the largest in the country with 20,000 fireworks. Yes, it was very beautiful, and well organized, despite there were so many people to enjoy this event!!
Written August 4, 2016
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San Francisco, CA821 contributions
Nothing special
Jul 2016
Thousands of japanese crazy watching the fireworks...if you don't want to be crushed like sardines your can't no go hour and half of
anonymous fires
Written July 30, 2016
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