Showa Kinen Park

Showa Kinen Park, Tachikawa: Address, Phone Number, Showa Kinen Park Reviews: 4.5/5

Showa Kinen Park
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Very good

Tokyo, Japan1,311 contributions
Flowers & Gardens, like the Teien, are always beautiful, but it is not well known that the kids' area is very imaginative, creative, and great fun for younger kids.
There is a huge, white 'trampoline', not flat, so like 'moon walking'; a water area with mist pipes and spouts to jump over, there is a rock maze, and a hill castle, and the pottery dragons which really captivated my grandson. Take the boats around the pond or ride the train, so many activities for so little admission charge. Rainbow Swimming Pool in summer.
Written January 12, 2021
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Jojo C
Makati, Philippines47 contributions
It is a huge park with lots of different flowers, I especially liked the different varieties of tulips in bloom. The cherry blossoms were also a great sight with so much trees in the different locations of the park. The park is about 1/2 hour from Tokyo city. The entrance fee is about Y450 and you can rent a bike to get around.
Written February 26, 2020
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hfot2 🌸🍁🌸
Vermont6,810 contributions
On Showa Day, entrance is free. But, beware of crowds.
For the first time in all of our visits here, we had to wait in line for available bicycles.

Bicycling here is one of the last things we do on each of our autumn and spring trips. It is always great fun and there is always something new here to see.

The children’s playground was especially crowded this year, perhaps because of the holiday.
Written March 31, 2020
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Tokyo, Japan215 contributions
After hearing about how there is never enough space in Tokyo, you will surely be surprised at how large this park is and all its possibilities. Soccer, frisbee? No problem. There is a frisbee golf course on site and huge open fields to play catch, frisbee or kick a soccer ball. Swimming? There is a large wading pool for the kids. Have an energetic little one that never seems to wear down? Try the large netted jumping structure (like a trampoline but with nets) in the "kodomo no mori" section of the park. A couple of hours of this and back at home, our 6 year old boy was sleeping like a baby -- what a surprise!

Also nearby is a woodcutter's area where there are organized events every first and third Saturday of the month for kids to make projects (the two sessions begin at 10:30 and 1:30 and last for an hour, with application a half hour before each session begins). There are also flowers and flowering trees blooming throughout the park according to the season, and a large traditional Japanese garden (the kind that you stroll around a large central pond) where you can easily find an interesting spot to relax and even have some Japanese tea if you desire.

The best feature and the biggest problem with this park is its size -- it truly is huge! The map provided with walking times suggests that it takes about an hour walking in the park from the Tachikawa southeast entrance to the Tamagawa northwest entrance. Bikes are available for rent, and there is also a train that you can take from place to place for a fee to cut down on the walking.

TIP: If you are arriving by train, don't get off at Tachikawa but instead take the Ome line one more stop from Tachikawa to Nishi Tachikawa. When you leave the station, the park entrance is right in front of you and will place you much closer to the activities you will probably be interested in than if you entered the park at Tachikawa (4 min from the pool, even closer to a large pond with rental boats, and about 15 minutes from the children's area and Japanese garden).

Admission is 410 for adults and 80 yen for children. Unless you are living in the area, the annual pass does not make sense, as it only pays for itself after 10 visits. The park is open from 9:30 to 5pm. Plan to arrive at 9:30 and stay for half a day. Bring a bento or onigiri and a "leisure sheet" so that you can sit on the ground (if you are lucky, you may be able to get one of the benches) and have a picnic lunch. Plan to leave just after lunch before it gets too crowded.

If you feel that your Tokyo itinerary is too heavily weighted to adult interests, this is a great place to go for the kids, and relaxing for adults as well!
Written May 24, 2015
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Jason R
Tokyo5 contributions
I am a maniac about parks and wherever I travel I check out local parks if I can. I have also lived in Tokyo for many years and consider myself to be a Tokyo park cognoscenti. I could not say that Showa Kinen Koen is the best park in Tokyo because a simplistic ranking would depend on subjectives like who you are and what you're interested in, but I can say that whoever you are, whatever your expectation, and regardless of season or weather, this park will likely exceed them. There is something for everyone here. Children's Forest is perhaps the best kids activities park in all of Tokyo and if you visit during August, you can combine a visit with a swim in the Rainbow Pool, a comprehensive water theme park. There are woodworking shops and activities guided and supervised by semi-retired locals, so your kids can make a bamboo kaleidoscope or mobile, or learn how to dye paper with crushed wildflowers, or learn how to play a blade of grass like a kazoo. The old folks are incredibly warm, welcoming and patient with kids from all backgrounds and countries. You can rent bicycles (and tandems) or take a themed train ride (buses camouflaged as trains), or join a Segway tour. You can row or paddle in the lake, play frisbee golf, sit down to lunch, get a bento, enjoy an ice-cream or kakigori at a variety of different places. I don't know of another park that has such a wide range of activities and attractions over such an expansive area, and combines that with year round planning of experiences like the tulip garden, the wildflower field, the firefly marsh, and of course the fireworks in summer and the cherry trees in spring. I could go on- the traditional Japanese garden, the recreation of an old Japanese farm- but hopefully this reassures you that it is most definitely worth a visit to Tachikawa for Showa Kinen Koen.
Written September 20, 2018
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Sydney, Australia71 contributions
Of all the things to do in Tokyo, visiting one of the many parks has been one of the pleasures. One of the best has been Showa Memorial Park in Tachikawa, also known as Showa Kinen Park. It is a large well-cared-for park of about 400 acres in the north-west of Tokyo city about 40 minutes by train from Shinjuku. At only 400yen for adults (half for seniors), it's great value. Of the four entrances to this large park, we found Nishi-Tachikawa station (on the JR Ome line) was best because the exit from the station is connected to the entrance with only a 2-minute walk to the ticket office and gate. With 11 kilometres of cycle paths, we decided to hire a tandem bike and we just had a ball. It was so much fun that we only stopped occasionally to work out where we were on the map, take photos and have a cup of tea at one of the many kiosks located around the park.
The park was host to lots of families, groups, couples with children, dog owners and the usual assortment of keen photographers capturing pretty flowers in bloom. There were many other cyclists too and whilst there was never heavy traffic, it was important to ring the bell when approaching other cyclists from behind (tandems tend to be a bit faster than other bikes - at least on the flat and downhill). The cycle paths are divided for most of the way, and completely separate from the walking paths, making it particularly safe. There were lots of young people enjoying the lake riding or rowing watercraft for hire. The amenities were sufficient and spotless like most in Japan.
Written June 5, 2011
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Ted C
La Mesa, CA194 contributions
This park occupies about 80% of what was formerly the Tachikawa Air Force Base where I was stationed way back when. The east portion is still a Japan Self Defense Force Base with mostly helicopters.

Go to the Nishi Tachikawa Station for the entrance as it is a long walk, although flat from the Tachikawa station. This will entail a change from the Chuo Line to the Ome Line at Tachikawa Station.

There is an excellent Japanese Garden in the northern end of the park, it includes a tea house where macha and a sweet can be taken while viewing a small lake and a small "Fuji viewing mountain", probably built from the debris of the buildings demolished to clear the park. It is crowded on weekends and holidays but this is true of most everything in Japan. The admission fee is quite low about 400 yen as I recall, bikes can be rented, and there is a tram that runs through the park if you are not in a walking mood.

Good cherry blossoms in the spring, and outstanding tulips in the early spring. Cosmos in the fall if you are a fan of them as is my wife, and during the oban season a lot of higanbana.

There is a good Fireworks Festival in mid-July and a good Christmas Illumination in late December. For both Fireworks and Christmas Illumination you must use the Tachikawa Station as they are not in the park proper.

A good place to spend the day, nothing truly exceptional but pleasant, nice, relaxing and inexpensive. Bikes and strollers are available to rent for a nominal fee.
Written February 7, 2013
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Jenina d
Tokyo, Japan120 contributions
I came here with some friends for hanami (cherry blossom viewing) last Saturday. Although it was a bit chilly we still had fun hanging out under the trees. There were lots of people, as can be expected this time of year, but due to the sheer size of the park it didn't feel crowded in the least. There are several cafes selling snacks, drinks, and ice cream, but if you want variety it's better to buy food from outside and just bring it with you.

Easiest way to get here is from Nishi-Tachikawa station on the JR Ome Line (one stop from Tachikawa station on the JR Chuo Line).
You could walk from Tachikawa station to the Akebono entrance which takes about 10-15 minutes, but I think that's pretty far from where the sakura trees and flower gardens are.
Written April 3, 2016
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hfot2 🌸🍁🌸
Vermont6,810 contributions
We have biked here often over the years.

This 2018 sakura trip we came to the park to bike without the prospect of seeing any sakura. We saw a few late blooming trees, but nothing special. Had we come earlier it would be a different story.

We revisited some of the buildings in the folk village with traditional thatched roof farm buildings. Many of the natural sites were a pleasure to return to, including the Japanese Garden where several bridal shoots were taking place. We also revisited the bonsai garden/museum which has some wonderful exhibits.

Instead of sakura, there were tulips and plenty of them. Thousands of tulips of all colors and varieties encircled the pond. We took as many photos of them as interested us. Then we moved on to the blue ground cover and bizarre tall plants and finally got back on our bikes and continued our ride.

Entrance fee: ¥450, seniors discount ticket ¥210, be sure to ask

Rental bikes are a great way - probably the best way - to see the park. Biking on roads without vehicular traffic is a pleasure.

We travel to Japan with our own bike helmets, but if you don’t you can rent helmets there as well. There is a huge building holding all the bikes so unless there are hoards of thousands arriving before you, you don’t need to worry about them running out of rentals as we did on our first visit here. (We read somewhere that it was necessary to get here early to get a bike but it didn’t look like this would ever be the case to our untrained eyes). Be sure to get the excellent map of the park before you head out.

Bike rental fee: ¥410/3 hours (¥70 per 30 minutes beyond the 3 hours); ¥520 for the whole day. We recommend renting for the full day, that way you won’t feel rushed to get the bike back at a specified hour.
There’s a machine from which you purchase your rental ticket and then present that to the bike man who fits you out with a perfect bike of your choosing.

There are rental boats for rental.

The train ride here from Ueno took a little less than an hour, but it was worth it every time we've done it.

A great way to spend a day with much to see and do.
Written February 1, 2019
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Kelvin P
Surabaya, Indonesia358 contributions
I fell in love at first sight with everything I saw when I entered this park for the first time in the fall. The trees change color beautifully. This is one of the parks that you must visit in Tokyo. The park is very spacious and has many chairs to relax while enjoying the scenery.
Written December 9, 2018
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