Yulong Shahu Scenic Spot

Yulong Shahu Scenic Spot, Chifeng: Address, Phone Number, Yulong Shahu Scenic Spot Reviews: 4.5/5

Yulong Shahu Scenic Spot
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Shenyang, China34 contributions
Fun in the Desert ... Hike and Ride
Jun 2019 • Friends
We stayed at the Chifeng Yulong Sand Lake Container SPA Hotel. Food ok ... Staff is very friendly but they don’t speak English there. Accommodation: The “full wood containers” are good ... and have an amazing view into the landscape. The “full metal jackets” seem a bit strange but could be fun too. We went there especially to ride Quads, Buggies and Jeeps ... all possible and lots of fun when you have never done it before. We skip the camel and horse riding part. Might be fun too 🤔. The country side with farms, grasslands, dessert and mountains is beautiful...driving through and hiking is great there ... many thinks in the nature can be done not only at the few touristy spots ... it’s up to you ... was a fun weekend. Improvement: Bring your own BBQ gear and cold drinks ... then you can enjoy your container or the nature best between the trips, rides and hikes ... the Chinese Expressways brings you very close ... we had a regular sedan car ... no problem...
Written June 9, 2019
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Sydney, Australia38 contributions
Camels and Mongolian horse rides
Jul 2018 • Family
We drove to YulongShahu from Chifeng (around 1.5 hrs, toll one way on highway is 35yuan)...but found entry fees to the YulongShaHu main resort rather expensive for a family of 5 (80yuan per person for entry.) However, outside of the resort had a big car park, where we could purchase cold drinks, have a cooked standard noodle or rice meal for around 20-30yuan in an air conditioned restaurant and use the public bathroom facilities. Our main purpose was to enjoy the scenery and ride the Mongolian horses, and Bactrian camels (around 50yuan per ride per animal). Many of these activities line the road leading up to the resort and another couple are past the resort. When our youngest rode the horse or camel with a parent, they only charged 50yuan for the two of us. One of the horse riding families (located on a street down on the left as you approach the desert) also have 200yuan a night yurts to stay in (for two people) or a larger one with a kang to fit a family of 4-5 but we didn't ask the price. The horse ride here was gentle and the scenery around the lake was pretty and serene. There are lots of places that offer camels, horse riding, sand tobogganing and quad bike riding. Camel operators said they are there from May to Mid-October.
Written July 18, 2018
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Jasmine K
Bangkok, Thailand76 contributions
Oasis in the desert
Sep 2017 • Family
There are many ways to enjoy this attraction:

1. Camel ride up to the top of the sand dunes. However, you will need to walk down the dunes on your return journey. The camels will not take you down due to safety concerns (the downward slopes are a little steep.) You'll be able to view the oasis from afar.

2. via Jeep up to the top of the sand dunes and back down to the ticket office (within the compounds of the attraction, not the main ticket office). This is probably the most thrilling of the 3 options.

3. via train around the perimeter of the attraction. You'll probably come closer to the oasis than via the other two modes

My family and I selected the first option for the novelty of riding Bactrian camels. It was a great experience and we really enjoyed it. The ride is safe enough for little kids and older folks as well. You just need to be aware that the camel rides are closed during lunch (the herders nap) so plan accordingly if you wish to visit!
Written September 4, 2017
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Anshan, China180 contributions
Spectacular desert landscape
Aug 2017 • Family
Traveling around the north of China, I wanted to experience the full range of landscapes in this area - mountains, forests, grasslands and deserts. Of these four, the last is the hardest to find. Although there are many desert areas in Inner Mongolia, one key feature of deserts is that nobody lives there, and hence there are no roads or other transport in those areas. Yulang Shahu is notable in that it is a section of desert that is traversed by a good quality road.

I visited Yulang Shau by car - I drove my own car from Chifeng city. It took about 1.5 hours to get there. Most of the route was the expressway and the last 30 km was on good quality, newly improved road.

On the way up to the desert, you pass through new forests of larch and then grasslands. There are some sites to stop at and ride horses, practice archery and visit a Mongolian yurt about 8 km south of the desert. If you haven't been to the grasslands, then you'll enjoy that, but there are better, more scenic grasslands elsewhere.

The Yulong Shahu (translated: Moon Dragon Sand Lake) is a small tourist resort and hotel situated between a small lake and a large rock formation, surrounded by sand dunes. Parking is free but you pay an entrance fee and also pay for additional activities such as using the quad bikes, camel riding or sand sledging.

I actually stopped outside of the main tourist resort. There are several other free car parks from which you can explore the desert scenery without paying the resort entrance fee. Outside of the main resort, there are plenty of locals hiring quad bikes, sledges, camel rides and such.

I had brought a tent with me. We found a quieter spot on the dunes, pitched the tent and enjoyed a picnic. I was surprised that none of the locals offered any refreshments alongside the activities. Usually in China, outside tourist attractions, you can find some people selling pot noodles, water and ice creams, but not here. Luckly, I was fully stocked with water and food.

My daughter and I enjoyed a camel ride for 50 RMB. Probably could have haggled the price down a bit more than that. The camels here are the Bactrian type, with two humps, rather than the Dromedary camels, with one hump, that you might see in Egypt.
Written August 21, 2017
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Julie M
Shenyang, China41 contributions
Very touristy, but a fun outing
May 2017 • Friends
Went there as a couple plus 2 friends, 3 fairly in shape and one less so. Decided not to ride the camels, as they were sorry-looking and it felt like they were so slow we could walk faster. Rented sand-booties (20RMB + 20RMB deposit per person), and sleds (30RMB + 20RMB deposit per person) in addition to the 80RMB/person entry fee, both worth-while investments. The booties kept the sand out of our shoes quite well and the sleds were fun for sliding down the dunes. But I would recommend expending the energy to go all the way up onto the highest dune with the Chinese flag on it, as sliding further down is way slower and a lot less fun.
Up on the dune, we walked all the way along the ridge to the highest point with some rock outcroppings, the view is spectacular. And there are way less people willing to go that far up, so it is quiet and serene.
We didn't ride the quads inside the park, where it costs 100RMB/person, but at the closest place outside, where we paid 60RMB instead.
Yuling Husha is definitely worth a visit, even if it is more of a Disneyland version of a real desert.
Written May 28, 2017
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