New Mills Farm Park

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New Mills Farm Park
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Very good

Bristol, UK17 contributions
Jun 2012 • Family
This is probably the best value farm park I've been to, at £3 per person, and it's a whole day's worth of stuff.
We go there every time we go to Cornwall/Devon on holiday. To make it extra special you can get there by train from Launceston steam railway (makes it more expensive, but look out for vouchers in Cornwall one and all brochure) but you can also drive there.
It's basically a big field with loads of stuff for kids to do, our children (3 and 8) just basically run from one thing to another (sand pit, trampolines, zip wire, climbing frame, play house, riverside, pedal cars, scooters, football, slide...) then when they've worn themselves out, you can get some lunch from the excellent cafe, and then visit the animals (goats, horses, pigs plus lots of small animals (rabbits, ducks and ducklings, chickens)). There's also a 'games of yesteryear' room and an indoor bowling alley. There are picnic tables undercover as well as lots outdoors but this is really a dry day attraction. Also if coming by train you may find it difficult with a wheelchair/heavy pushchair.
Written June 9, 2012
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Kathryn E
Sheffield, UK410 contributions
Apr 2012 • Family
We visited this farm park as a family of 12 including grandparents, grown up children and grandchildren and everyone had a good day. The price was amazing, a family ticket (2 adults and 4 children) for £12, Seniors £1 each and adults and children £3 each, with free parking. We stayed all day and the children were all occupied and didn't want to leave. Basically it is a big field with lots of toys to ride round on. They included little tikes coupes, and double go carts that adults could ride with a child on the back. There is also some trampolines, throw horseshoe games, etc. There are a few animals to feed, food is available at 40p a bag. There are also some indoor spaces with games and toys, but we didn't try them because, although it was April, the day was too nice to be in. There are picnic tables and you can also buy food. There are signs up saying please limit time on go carts and trampolines at busy times, and it may get too busy in the summer, but was fine when we went. We didn't have to wait to use anything.
Written April 15, 2012
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Newcastle upon Tyne, UK34 contributions
Jun 2012 • Family
This is a fantastic place with loads to keep a toddler entertained - there are farm animals to feed, a steam train and a big field full of ride on toys, trampolines, slides, sand pits and loads more...There are also some karts and a homemade toboggan run which quite a few of the mum's and dad's were enjoying too!!

The food at the cafe is really good and everything is very reasonably priced... entry is just £3 each or £1 for seniors.

The best thing for me was that as I could see all of the play area I could relax at one of the picnic tables whilst my son played :) We stayed for the full day and will definitely be visiting again next time we're in Cornwall.
Written June 23, 2012
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The Royal Town of Sutton Coldfield, UK18 contributions
Aug 2015 • Family
Visited the so called 'farm park' this morning with my 12 month old and family after seeing the website and it being advertised as great for younger children and toddlers. It has to be one of the most depressing and sad places I've been. It literally is a field with some trampolines, a make shift goal post and then the biggest selection of shoddy, worn out ride on toys I've seen. The 'pets corner' consists of some poorly kept rabbits, a couple of goats and a very sad looking Shetland pony tied up on a rope. My daughter loves soft play so we were excited for her to have some time in the play barm. OH MY GOD! I wouldn't let a dog play in there. It is basically an old cold garage with concrete floors, filthy toys from the 70's that are covered in dirt and a make shift Wendy house and ball pit. Look at the pictures with this review- shocking!! I sound like I am exaggerating but trust me it really is horrific. It cost the four of us £10 to get in so I went to ask for our money back. When I explained how disappointed I was the man and woman at the cafe were extremely defensive and rude to me. No apology. They did however agree to giving me my money back. This place really is awful and I would stay well clear!
Written August 3, 2015
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iain c
Cheltenham, UK5 contributions
Jul 2015 • Family
The whole approach to this place is defective. You are delivered by a steam train that has one stop, New Mills, where a family of four (2+2) will cost £14.50. This will buy the opportunity to ride down the home made slide on cut up old carpet tiles, make use of the 'go-karts' (peddle powered rusted and ill maintained) around the sloping grassed area, which is also shared by 3 trampolines (no safety nets), a swing ( the frame of which actually moves when used by a three year old), and a jungle jim set out on builders sand (retained by wooden boards held fast by construction rebars). If it rains you could use the indoor activities. These include ball pit in an old farm building and a play area containing toys that must have come from the salvage yard. To add insult to injury the helpful signs which litter the place mostly make the point that you should not do one thing or other whilst leaving you with a clear impression that the reason for the signs is that it might just add to the onerous task of the operator in maintaining anything at close to an acceptable standard. There are even signs that suggest you clean the toys in the play area yourself with the disinfectant and clothes provided, whilst informing staff (if any could be found) of any misuse of these so that the cost of admission can be kept down.

Simply put, this place deserves a visit from HSE and does not deserve a visit from you. Be warned, if you ask for tap water, you will be charged, 'due to excessive demand'.

As for this being a farm park, I don't consider a goat or two, one pig and some rabbits constitutes a farm in anyone's book. If there were more animals they were hidden when we visited.

Just don't go.
Written August 3, 2015
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Plymouth, UK5 contributions
May 2015 • Family
I cannot imagine how anyone could give a good review for this. Oh, where to begin?

The £14 family ticket does not offer much more than you would get at your local public park. In fact, the equipment at your local park will be flat-out superior both with regard to fun for the kids and, more importantly, safety. Now, I don't have a problem with do-it-yourself efforts--so long as people know how to do it themselves, but this whole place looks like a diy effort done by people who don't have a clue. Everything is either rotting away or wobbly or crooked or, sometimes, all three. The posts holding up the swings wobble back and forth at least a good four inches in both directions as children swing and look to be ready to collapse at any moment. We did not have our children use the swings. The climbing frame with a slide is built out of timber that is too thin and not suited for the use to which it has been put. The slide on the frame itself appears to be made out of a re-purposed formica countertop rather than metal or built-for-purpose formed plastic. The zip line cable needs to be tightened up by about three or four wraps around one of its posts to be any fun or properly useable--kids who use it get to the middle and have their bottoms inches from the ground while holding their feet up as high as they can to avoid smacking into the dirt. There is a basketball post and hoop that is mind-bogglingly inexcusable: it is the one thing actually set in concrete and immovably solid, but it leans forwards and sideways so much that using it would not be any fun. A look at the goal posts for football will leave you scratching your head as to how a gentle wind has not yet put the botched job to rest.

This place does have a couple things a local park might not have. It has a couple trampolines. But then, so do a great number of people in their back gardens. The park also has some simple pedal-powered go-karts. I assure you your child will get more out of riding their own bicycle, which they could go ahead and ride to your local park that has safe equipment.

Also, It may be a bit petty, but I found it a bit off-putting that there is a field for staff parking right next to the farm park and the customer parking is down the road a way. Most businesses would do that in reverse. You pay at the cafe, and you have to wait in a queue of people getting food or whatever else, regardless of how long, to pay. By the time you get to the payment spot you are already in the middle of everything and all your kids want to do is run with all the other kids running around them in every direction and play. It would seem being able to pay at the entrance, like any other place, would be a massive common-sense improvement that could save some whining and tears from your kids, not to mention providing some level of enforcement for people actually paying in the first place.

I honestly cannot express the shock and horror I felt as I walked around this "farm park." Next to the car park there is a brand new piece of fence that must have been put up very recently, and it is leaning toward the river so badly it seems doomed to fall in soon. I would advise skipping this one. But if you must see for yourself, please consider this one piece of advice that could save you money and keep your kids safe: before paying for your admittance, walk around the place and have a look for yourself. There is nothing stopping you, so you may as well get the lay of the land before shelling out money for an experience that will be less fun, and scarier, than a visit to a free local park. My biggest regret is not having brought a camera so I could add pictures to the review.
Written May 28, 2015
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Christina O
Scotland, UK97 contributions
Aug 2013 • Family
We took the steam train (trust me on this - DONT! Read my review on this and you will find out why...) and landed at this 'park'. To call it a farm park is a stretch. I wouldn't actually let my 3 and 6 year olds in.

The place was filthy and not the healthy dirty of a farm but it was stinking and evidently had not been cleaned in quite some time. The climbing wall was about 3 feet high and the 'huge' ball pit was only big enough for about 3/4 kids safely. The other facilities were not well kept and the animals available were few. They may be cheap but I think they absolutely rely on the captive audience as once you get off that train there, there is little else to do. Would not recommend and will defo not be anywhere near it again.

And by the way - the price of the food is daylight robbery!
Written August 13, 2013
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29 contributions
This is a little gem with lots for the family to do from interacting with the animals or letting off some stream. The owner was very accommodating when we didn't quite have sufficient money, however it only cost £12 for all four to get in which is far cheaper than most attractions in the area.
Written June 21, 2012
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Laura C
10 contributions
Jun 2018 • Family
This didn’t look like much when we arrived but what a brilliant place this is. We were on a family holiday so 6 adults & 2 children aged 2 and 4 and I’ve never been anywhere which catered for all of us like this place. We were all in the giant ball pool at one point & had such a laugh! Kids loved all the ride on toys, adults loved the go karts & trampolines! Best value for money we had all holiday. Brilliant fun.
Written June 16, 2018
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Callington, UK117 contributions
Aug 2016 • Family
A lovely, old fashioned place for the kids to enjoy. Do not expect high end, professional play equipment as the owners have obviously worked hard to produce lots of fun, home-made experiences for the children, so health and safety is not high on the list of priorities - e.g. the very deep ball pool! We love the space; the toys; the picnic areas; the cafe shed; the stream 'beach' and the varied other things for the children to do. The animals are a lovely touch too (although I do worry about shade for the goats and pony on the hill - it was baking hot on Tuesday when we came, and they looked very uncomfortable! Also the goats water had algae /pond vegetation growing in it, and from keeping goats and being a member of the pygmy goat club, I know that goats are particularly fussy about CLEAN water to drink!)

A word of warning when feeding the goats and ponies - be careful as the lower pygmy goat on the hill, butted our child and hurt his tummy. Approach with caution, as being on a hill, they could knock a small child clear down the hill! Pygmies are notorious as being the 'terrier' of the goat world! A large Anglo-Nubian would be a far better choice as a child's petting goat; very gentle and friendly! Both ponies, although fairly placid, were quite 'bitey' when eating off the flat of your hands. Having been brought up with horses and ponies myself, Shetlands can be quite nippy ponies! Lovely to see them though. Love seeing the ducks and chickens wandering around - very quaint and homely.

There are three trampolines, set out in age order (although we've hardly ever seen the right aged children bouncing on them, which is annoying when you have a toddler trying to compete with and 8 year old on the same trampoline!) However, please can I ask the owners to get a net around the trampolines, or at least the toddler one? Our son, nearly three, was bouncing happily, as he does at home, whilst my wife and I were racing around the edge to prevent him from falling off. Unfortunately, even though we tried our best, he DID fall off and landed on his back, bumping his head on the ground! He hurt both his back and his head; it really shook him up. This really is a big no-no in terms of health and safety. We shan't be using the trampoline again, unless we have a lot of adults with us to stand around the circumference of the trampoline! He did recover, thankfully, and enjoyed the rest of his visit.

Another bugbear, is the dog poo around the stream where the children are digging and playing. This has occurred on both our recent visits. The owners were told on our last visit, but no one came to remove it. So we ended up sitting on our picnic blankets, next to the dog poo to guard the children from picking it up, or treading in it! Not nice - although playing in the sand and the stream was great fun! A lovely man-made beach for the kids!

I would say that this place is a must to visit - great entry price and you can spend the whole day there. It's in a lovely setting and everyone has fun. However, the health and safety issues mentioned above ought to be thought about: as a visitor visiting, and the owners with up-keeping.
We WILL be returning but we really hope to see no dog poo and possibly a trampoline net!
Other than that, a great day out!
Written August 18, 2016
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