All Articles Is 2021 going to be the biggest, happiest, proudest Pride ever?
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Is 2021 going to be the biggest, happiest, proudest Pride ever?

For many of us, it just might be — especially if we’re vaccinated. Some of the world’s largest Pride destinations have already announced in-person, albeit scaled-down, events for 2021, including New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Madrid, Berlin, and London. They may not be the largest Pride celebrations in history, but the sense of joy — and release from a year of lockdowns, illness, and fear — will be palpable.

Others of us will celebrate virtually again this year. The good news is that, after a year of Zoom concerts, virtual drag fests, livestreamed musicals, and Twitch dance parties, we’ve got Virtual Pride down to a science.

However and wherever we celebrate Pride this year, we’ll do it as changed people. The pandemic has shown us the importance of empathy in an interconnected world. In the past year, we’ve applauded the LGBTQIA+ heroes who work in healthcare. We’ve called out the inequities that COVID exposed, And we’ve proclaimed that Black Lives Matter! Trans Live Matter! Queer Lives Matter! — while the world nodded in agreement.

This year, we’ve made an effort to highlight the many forms that Pride takes around the world. Our roundup of live and virtual events bounces from Copenhagen to Uganda to the Riviera Maya. We’ve looked at how America celebrates Pride in small towns and cities. We found LGBTQIA+ people who for a variety of reasons — disability, location, aversion to crowds — found Virtual Pride to be a blessing in disguise.

We’ve profiled an out trans mountain climber whose quest for visibility has spurred her to attempt summiting the tallest mountains on each continent. We’ve toured neighborhoods where LGBTQIA+ history happened to show that our collective heritage extends well beyond the Stonewall Inn. And we’ve charted the global dominance of drag culture — perhaps the queerest art form to ever exist — by pointing to all the places your favorite queens will be performing around the world this year.

As we gather together, online and off, it’s important to remember that not all of us have the freedom to express our identities. We’re proud to work with InterPride, an umbrella group for Pride organizations around the world, and support its efforts to raise funds that help put on smaller, community-based events in places where public LGBTQIA+ gatherings are treated with hostility.

Wherever you are, however you’re celebrating, and whoever you identify as, remember to love one another, listen to each other (even when we disagree), and be proud of who we are. Safe travels, and Happy Pride!

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