All Articles Your fall reset: Inspiring stories to get you back on the road

Your fall reset: Inspiring stories to get you back on the road

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There’s something about watching summer roll into fall that gets us thinking about change in our own lives and beyond. So to honor this time of year, we partnered with guest editors Heather Greenwood Davis and Sarah Greaves-Gabbadon to bring you this series of inspiring stories to get you out and exploring the world again.

Heather Greenwood Davis
Sarah Greaves-Gabbadon
By Heather Greenwood Davis and Sarah Greaves-GabbadonOct 19, 2021 1 minute read

After a summer travel season that at first felt “normal-ish,” but then a bit fraught, we’re determined to take our start-of-summer optimism into the months ahead. Inspiring us is this collection of stories about transformation of all types—big, small, and everything in between. From Charleston's new future, to profiles of globetrotters to encourage your next bucket list trip, they serve to remind us of the perennial joys of travel—undeniably altered—yet still within our reach.

Photo of historic Charleston building
Image: Tour Charleston

Next stop: Charleston 2.0

America’s once largest slave port is looking to a new future

Photo of ramen at Neutral Ground
Image: Neutral Ground

Much more than grits

Four forward-thinking chefs are updating Black culinary traditions with their own unique twists

Photo of Ken Sparks II
Image: Ken Sparks II

A garden grows

LA farmer Ken Sparks is inspiring urban farmers across America to bring more nature into their cities.

Photo of Roshida Dowe
Image: Photo via Instagram/@shidad

I left my job at 40 and moved abroad

We’ve all dreamed about doing it—Roshida Dowe actually made the move

Photo of Carlos Grider doing handstand
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Hold the booze: How a solo travel blogger reinvented himself

A globetrotter rediscovers the beauty of travel while sober

Photo of Martinus Evans
Image: Instagram/Martinus Evans @300poundsandrunning

The places that transformed me

From a mountain paradise to a bustling European city, three athletes share the destinations that transformed them

Heather Greenwood Davis
Heather Greenwood Davis is a contributing writer and on-air storyteller for National Geographic and a freelance feature writer for publications including EnRoute, Afar and Travel + Leisure. She is the first and only Black woman to have a travel column in both Canadian national newspapers. She is the host of Tarmac Warriors, a podcast that shares the extraordinary lessons to be learned from the lives of unique business travelers. Find her @ByHeatherGd on Twitter and Instagram.
Sarah Greaves-Gabbadon
Sarah Greaves-Gabbadon is a writer, editor, and on-screen host who is a special correspondent for Travel + Leisure and contributes to outlets including Condé Nast Traveler, Food & Wine and Afar. She is also jetsetter-in-chief at, where her passions – travel, shopping and fitness – meet. Follow her adventures on Instagram and Facebook.