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9 of the most unique travel experiences in the US

People being pulled by several dogs on Pagosa Dogsled Adventures

So, you're visiting somewhere new and want to experience the best that destination has to offer? We've got you covered. Whether you prefer wacky sights, adrenaline-pumping thrills or one-of-a-kind adventures, these nine experiences – all in America – are sure to leave a lasting impression.

From Washington to Florida, some of the United States’ most memorable travel destinations are also the country’s strangest. Americans hit the road just to see roadside attractions like the world’s largest ball of twine in Kansas, drive through a giant redwood tree in California, discover The Thing in Arizona and take in the ornate Corn Palace in South Dakota. In the spirit of the offbeat American road trip, we’ve rounded up some of the most unique travel experiences between the Atlantic and Pacific coasts, from the trolls of Alliance, Ohio, to a country music-blasting, beer-drinking monster truck tour of Nashville, Tennessee. Read on to get inspired – and don’t forget, it’s all bookable right here on Tripadvisor.

Visit the world’s largest troll doll collection in Ohio

Colorful painted bus outside of The Troll Hole Art Gallery

Every surface of the Troll Hole Museum is covered with big-haired, round-bellied creatures, which draw troll-doll lovers from all across the US to Alliance, Ohio—a wholesome Midwestern town that’s also home to the equally odd Feline Historical Museum. Official guides at the Troll Hole Museum walk visitors through the history and lore of trolls, introduce guests to a tiny “troll grotto,” and share the highlights from the museum’s collection of more than 20,000 troll dolls.

Practice for the zombie apocalypse in Las Vegas

People in gear participating in Apocalypse Vegas

Are you ready for an undead invasion? There’s only one way to find out. Led by a team of actual special-ops veterans, this Zombie Apocalypse Experience delivers a full education in actually battling zombies. You’ll get a military-style briefing, gear up with zombie-fighting weapons and then dive into a street battle with the undead, from house-to-house fighting to calling in airstrikes. For a city with so many great things to do, this is certainly one of the more memorable activities in Vegas.

Get Nashville-crazy in a monster truck

Jack'd Up Nashville monster truck

This supersized Nashville experience is straight from a country song: You fill a cooler with beer, climb into the back of a monster truck and hit the streets of Nashville for a day of exploring. Want to amp up the cool factor? Request a stop at the The Parthenon, Nashville’s full-scale concrete recreation of Europe’s ancient landmark, complete with a 42-foot-high (13-meter-high) statue of the goddess Athena. You’ll be taking in one of America’s most unique attractions all while making a monster(truck) statement to onlookers.

Learn to fly in Las Vegas

Two people on trapeze

If you’ve ever dreamt of running away with the circus, then test your skills at Trapeze Las Vegas, another thrilling thing to do in Sin City. You’ll learn the high-flying feats of real trapeze artists, and channel your inner daredevil as you try our own launch. Afterwards, you could head to a national park outside of town for even more adventure—or hightail it to the always-weird Area 51 Alien Travel Center.

Get a close-up in North America’s witchiest city

Rack of dress up clothes at Witch Pix

Salem’s got a split personality when it comes to witches. After you’re done touring the memorials to those tragic 17th-century witch trials, hit the Massachusetts town’s magic shops, wiggle your nose at the Bewitched Statue and don a pointy hat for a witch and wizard-themed photo session, complete with crystal balls, creepy backdrops, and miles of crushed velvet drapery.

Play with heavy machinery in Vegas

Heavy construction machinery outside

If your inner child dreams of days in a hardhat and reflective vest, head to Las Vegas, Nevada, for the ultimate adult sandbox experience at Dig This. Visitors to the giant construction site get to choose their own bulldozer or excavator, suit up in construction gear and go wild. Dig giant holes and make big mounds – and test your skills with games like “bulldozer teeter-totter” and “excavator basketball.” Afterwards, head to the gift shop for dirt-scented candles (if you’re into that type of thing.)

Discover Salt Lake City’s seedy past

Kid looking at outdoor rock sculpture

With crisp mountain air, healthy living and Salt Lake Temple presiding over the city center, Utah’s capital appears pretty innocent… maybe too innocent. Enter: A sunset bike tour of the city’s former red light districts and brothels. Your guide will regale you with tales of high times and debauchery while pointing out some of Salt Lake City’s top historic sites and most interesting tourist attractions, including the oddball sculptures at Gilgal Gardens.

Cruise the Vegas Strip with a celebrity impersonator

The Strip lit up at night

Las Vegas might be Sin City to some, but the neon-hued desert party town has an offbeat side that’s just plain goofy. If you’re looking for that kind of night, hop aboard a private party bus with a personal photographer and a tour guide dressed as a Hollywood legend such as Michael Jackson or Prince.

Enjoy a dog-powered scooter ride in Colorado

Kid on wheeled device being pulled by dogs

Sure, the traditional Norweigan sport of dog joring may be more likely to be found in Canada or Finland – but you can also give it a try in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. While joring typically involves a dog towing a person on a bike, skis or a skateboard, you can head out on an exciting dog-powered scooter ride with Pagosa Dogsled Adventures. For dog lovers, this is one of the more exciting and unique travel experiences out there!

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