All Articles Are we there yet? Four family travel experts share where to go in 2021

Are we there yet? Four family travel experts share where to go in 2021

The Topflight Family standing in front of a dune buggy.
Natalie Preddie
By Natalie PreddieFeb 4, 2021 2 minutes read

When it comes to the family vacation, choosing where to go is always a tough decision. You’re naturally wanting to show your kids a world where people who look like them are celebrated and admired, and those destinations aren’t always as easy to find. In honor of Black History Month, we asked four traveling families to share their must-hit places around the world for 2021.

The destination: New Orleans, LA

A tropical beachfront on a sunny day.

The expert: Traveling Child

Based in Miami, this family of four uses their vacation time to show how to travel affordably with little ones and how to make it fun.

The destination: New Orleans

The ‘Big Easy’ is known for its vibrant music scene, spicy cuisine and round-the-clock nightlife but it also has plenty to offer families and a host of Black historical experiences to share.

The must do:

Learn the history of the Mardi Gras Indians, the Black community who created their own ‘Mardi Gras’ celebration in the 1800s when they were excluded from the famous parade. Pop into a Sip and Sew class, where your brood will learn how to sew the patches which can be seen on the suits the Mardi Gras Indians wear for the celebration.

The destination: Nevis

Two parents and their son standing in front of the Martin Luther King Jr. monument in D.C.

The expert: Topflight Family

This multi-racial family of four splits their time between New York City and luxurious trips around the world.

The destination: Nevis

While it's primarily known for its beautiful beaches and hiking trails, there is a lot of Black history to explore on this Caribbean island.

The must do:

Take a Funky Monkey Tour. During this 3.5-hour 4 x 4 adventure, you’ll see the house where Alexander Hamilton was born; take a dip in Charlestown’s natural hot springs; and learn about the enslaved Africans who were the backbone of the country’s sugar industry at New River Estate, a former sugar plantation that has been transformed into an outdoor museum.

The destination: Washington DC

A couple on a rowboat painted green, yellow, and red.

The experts: Tiny Global Footprints

This mom and son travel blogging duo have visited 10 countries together, sharing their passion for adventure and commitment to global education through two best-selling children’s books.

The destination: Washington DC.

From the memorial monuments to the diverse neighbourhoods, African-American history plays a crucial role in the very fabric of the nation’s capital.

The must do:

Visit the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History & Culture exclusively dedicated to the documentation and celebration of African American history, life and culture. From its location on the National Mall, the architectural stunner offers visitors a chance to explore the stories of Black resilience and impact. A short walk away is the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial and the new Black Lives Matter Plaza.

The destination: Senegal, Africa

A multi-generational Black family smiling in front of the “Greetings from NOLA” sign.

The expert: Gabbok17

This father-daughter duo travel the world in search of the most captivating and culturally relevant destinations and experiences.

The destination: Senegal

The West African country is home to more than 300 miles of beaches; is known for the breads and pastries that call back on their French Colonial history; and a collection of unique islands (including Fadiouth, which is made out of millions of clam shells).

The must do: Dakar

Although it’s known for its gorgeous and diverse landscapes, Dakar offers so much more. The city center is modern; trips to historical landmarks like Goree Island are easy to arrange; and traditional mask souvenirs and bright coloured cloths abound. Little art lovers in tow? Keep the camera handy to snap Instagram-worthy shots alongside stunning roadside murals or at the African Renaissance Monument, which stands high above the city.

Natalie Preddie
Natalie Preddie is a travel and lifestyle writer, speaker, columnist and mother to three young boys. She is a guest expert on Canada’s Cityline, Your Morning, and Global’s The Morning Show. Follow her on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.