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“Short flight” 01/12/2018

“Short, Comfortable Flight ” 01/10/2018

“Nice flight and with good food” 01/19/2018

“Very good airline!” 01/19/2018

“Good Flight - Check-In Not A Good Experience” 01/19/2018

“Smooth ride, not many bumps” 01/18/2018

“A solid alternative carrier that avoids the crush at Faro” 09/11/2017

“Quick flight route from Lisbon (Cascais) to Southern Portugal” 09/07/2017

“Aeroflot” 01/18/2018

“SU 220 27/12/2017 Moscow- Guangzhou” 01/17/2018

“The worst customer service ever!” 12/19/2017

“Be Aware!! --> Delayed Flights” 06/22/2017

“Very Professional Staff” 01/19/2018

“The Lounge in EZE says it all. ” 01/18/2018

“No problems at all and turboprops are best engine for this kind of travel” 01/15/2018

“Service canceled ” 01/15/2018

“Direct Flights to MEX” 01/19/2018

“We got our monies worth” 01/19/2018

“Pretty well never on time.” 12/13/2017

“If you miss your connection, buy another ticket” 11/21/2017

“Flight Delay” 12/03/2017


“Good value for money ” 01/14/2018

“Good value” 01/01/2018

“Cancelled the flight without any apologies” 01/01/2018

“On time ALG-ORN” 12/28/2017

“Russian roulette” 12/30/2017

“Great experience” 11/02/2017

“Worst trip ever” 01/19/2018

“The worst airline ever delayed 20 hours hello there how are you d. Re not bad thank you sotion. Also refused to a lette” 01/18/2018

“Most flights delayed” 01/18/2018

“They never leave on time” 01/18/2018

“cheap flights” 01/19/2018

“Mediocre” 01/19/2018

“We will definitely remember this one” 01/13/2018

“Never Again” 01/11/2018

“Had a Good Experience with Air Asia” 01/19/2018

“6 Flights in 2 weeks, no problems to report” 01/19/2018