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“Liked my little suprise as I got to my seat 👍👍” 11/06/2016

“Everything OK” 11/02/2016

“Always the best !” 12/05/2016

“10 hours delay without a single apology or compensation” 12/05/2016

“Great business flight ” 12/08/2016

“Technical problem” 12/07/2016

“Exceeded Expectations” 12/07/2016

“Low cost and good service” 12/05/2016

“Really unexpected great experience!” 12/06/2016

“BCN-EZE in time” 12/02/2016

“Quick and nice!” 09/28/2016

“Wonderful experience” 11/14/2016

“Pacific Coast to the Capital” 11/06/2016

“Nothing change in the Service” 12/08/2016

“Aeromexico does not have an active counter in all cities it serves, and lacks customer service response” 12/08/2016

“Quite a queer airline” 08/31/2016

“Almost as badly organized as TAP” 08/16/2016

“Excelent” 08/04/2016

“Terrible service” 11/26/2016

“always bad” 11/22/2016

“true to no frills..” 12/08/2016

“Just average” 12/07/2016

“Flying around Kazakhstan” 11/23/2016

“Excellent service! You should enjoy!” 11/17/2016

“Very unpleasant experience” 10/24/2016

“Pleasant experience” 10/12/2016