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“So sad - they could have done it longer...” 11/01/2019

“The flight was cancelled twice, flew with another airline” 10/26/2019

“Five-star VIP Service!” 01/17/2022

“Been cancelled for days” 01/12/2022

“The worst Airline staff ever. Rude, authoritarian suspicious, unkind, racist, rude, brute and stupid.” 01/20/2022

“Most incompetent airline ever” 01/15/2022

“1 really is too much to give these” 01/14/2022


“Wonderful help from staff to straighten out booking mix-up!” 10/15/2019

“Low hold luggage weight but cost of extra Kgs not so bad” 10/01/2019

“Love to fly, limit is sky” 01/23/2022

“The Best Airlines” 01/23/2022

“To and from Havana and Baracoa” 12/08/2019

“Grubby Airline; Unfriendly Staff” 08/26/2018

“Flight Cancelled, "DID NOT GET MY MONEY BACK"” 04/30/2019

“Do not care about you when flights are cancelled” 04/08/2019

“Brilliant contrary to predominantly recent many one star reviews” 01/23/2022

“Absolutely non existent customer service.” 12/25/2021

“On-time, friendly. Highly recommended” 01/21/2022

“A ghost flight. unreal” 01/17/2022

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