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“Nice flight experience” 07/23/2017

“The client is treated as a king!” 07/18/2017

“Overpriced budget airline” 07/12/2017

“No direct flight to Sarajevo” 06/29/2017

“A very good company” 07/23/2017

“good airlines” 07/22/2017

“Service with friendly staff” 07/23/2017

“Delay delay, delay.” 07/23/2017

“Small is beautiful!” 05/17/2017

“Good flight service but food could be better” 07/21/2017

“Overall the airplanes are in good shape but the food offered could be better” 07/20/2017

“Be Aware!! --> Delayed Flights” 06/22/2017

“Not a bad trip ” 07/22/2017

“Ok for the prize” 07/19/2017

“Flight Home” 06/28/2017

“Good service” 06/03/2017

“unconfortable” 07/23/2017

“Puerto Vallarta - Guadalajara” 07/22/2017

“Not great” 07/23/2017

“Business class” 07/23/2017

“Quite a queer airline” 08/31/2016

“Almost as badly organized as TAP” 08/16/2016

“Excelent” 08/04/2016

“always bad” 07/19/2017

“no wine served” 07/13/2017

“TERRIBLE customer service.” 05/03/2017

“Safe airline” 03/31/2017

“amazing service even in Abu dhabi” 07/21/2017

“Delay as usual” 07/17/2017

“DONT WALK, RUN” 07/19/2017

“Direct to Mantan-Cebu” 07/19/2017

“A really AirAsia aura” 07/22/2017

“Will Not Let You Cancel A Flight Even While Hospitalized” 07/22/2017