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About This Property


This FAQ page is specific to a selection of TripAdvisor properties. There are many different partners that list properties with TripAdvisor. As a result, the payment options and owner contact methods may differ from property to property. For property-specific FAQs, view the info in the upper right corner of the inbox.

Finding a property

How can I tell if a property I like is available for my vacation dates?
Each property has a calendar which shows available and unavailable dates. If it's available, you can send an inquiry about it; there's room on the inquiry form for you to add your own message.

Contacting owners/managers

How will the owner contact me?
This owner may contact you via your personal email or phone.
I want to know more about this property. How do I contact the owner/manager?
When you inquire about the property, you can add your own message to the inquiry form. You may want to ask about location, included amenities, pet policy, and the like. You can also add information about your group and your plans to help the owner/manager understand your needs.
What if I don't hear back from the owner?
If you have contacted the owner and haven't heard back, TripAdvisor recommends that you send inquiries to other properties.

Making reservations

How do I pay?
If the owner approves your stay, he or she will let you know which forms of payment are accepted.

This owner does not currently accept payments via the TripAdvisor inbox.

Security deposits

How do I pay a deposit?
Please ask this owner/manager directly about deposit payment policy.

Arriving at the rental

How does the check-in and key exchange process work?
Confirm with the manager/owner how you will get the key before check-in. Each manager/owner has a system for key exchange. For instance, property managers typically have key pick-up/drop-off at a central office location near your vacation rental. Other managers/owners may use lock boxes or keyless entry codes, or may simply mail you a key prior to your arrival. Some managers/owners like to meet their guests at the rental property to go over check-in/check-out details. In this case, you probably would not receive a key prior to arriving. Your rental agreement should include details about key exchange; if it doesn't, be sure to ask the owner/manager in advance.

Safe renting practices

How can I protect myself from fraudulent managers/owners?
TripAdvisor conducts its own verification of the rental properties that list with us. That said, we recommend you follow these safe renting practices and conduct your own research for a trouble-free vacation.

Call the owner or manager: A quick phone call to the owner can reassure you. Look for the phone number on the listing page, or send them a message to ask for a phone number.

Check the details of the home: Watch for any inconsistencies. Check the home's full address on a map and verify that the vacation dates you've booked are marked off on their calendar. Read reviews, if any, and search for the owner/manager's name to see what comes up.

Time on the site: The longer an owner/manager has listed properties on TripAdvisor, the more likely it is that other guests have booked with them without problems. Click on the owner/manager's name in the Owner Details section to see how long they have been listing on the site.

Sign a booking contract: You should be asked to sign a booking contract with details of the terms and conditions of the rental and the payment and cancellation policies. If you aren't, ask for one.

Collect their full contact details: Make a note of their full name, phone numbers, and their own address, plus their company address if they're a property manager. Find out which phone numbers you can use to reach them if necessary during your vacation.

Don't pay the full amount too early: You shouldn't be asked to pay the security deposit (usually up to 25% of the total booking) and settle the full cost of the rental until about eight weeks before your vacation.

Pay safely: Paying via the secure TripAdvisor inbox gives you the TripAdvisor $10,000 Peace of Mind Guarantee.

Check your insurance: Insurance doesn't always protect you if something goes wrong with accommodation or flights that are booked independently, e.g. if the airline goes out of business or the accommodation doesn't meet your requirements. Check the small print or look for an insurer that covers you against such things.
Should I use a rental agreement?
It is important to use a lease agreement and speak to the owner/manager on the phone before securing a reservation. A written agreement helps you and the owner/manager cover all terms of service and will clarify outstanding questions. How to initiate the terms of service prior to officially confirming the reservation: Work out the terms of the rental with the owner/manager by phone or email. Review the written rental agreement, as discussed with the owner/manager. Any questions should be answered prior to signing a contract. If everything is included as discussed, sign and date the rental agreement. Return the signed agreement with a deposit (if required).
How can I pay using secure methods?
We recommend that you pay online with a credit card and that you do not pay by direct transfer, as there is no protection for these payments, in the unlikely event of fraud. Be cautious of owners/managers who require that you pay with cash or by Western Union or MoneyGram. Payment requests by wire transfer can be legitimate, but run the risk of being associated with a potential scam. On the rare occasion when a scam occurs or in an unforeseen circumstance when the rental is not lawful, your credit card company may be able to help, giving each traveler added protection. Each homeowner and property manager with a property listed on TripAdvisor has been approved by the TripAdvisor Trust and Safety team. If you have any questions about the home that you are renting that cannot be addressed by the owner or manager, please contact us.