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I don't have very high expectations, expecting European hotels to be in older buildings, have smaller rooms, and not put mints on your pillow. I will pay a lot ($125, occasionally $150) to stay in a very special place but generally try to find something around $80 in Europe, $30-$40 in Asia and Latin America. My ratings are based largely on what I expect to get for the $; anyone who expects fast internet and a large room in a lower cost hotel and downgrades the establishment because that's not what they get is an idiot. In Asia, I tend to assess value a little more strictly as I generally expect there to be a better, larger class of hotels available in the $30 - $40 range than I would ever expect in Europe for &.$70 - $80. I give 5-star ratings or close to it for restaurants as I don't review bad or mediocre ones.

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