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Since Aug 2012

Lives in Omaha, Nebraska

35-49 year old male

I don't travel nearly as much as I'd like, but when I do, there's usually a historic or educational factor to it. In other words, you can keep DisneyWorld--I'll take the Statue of Liberty any day. Great restaurants and shopping take a back seat to unique sites and experiences; I'm content to grab a burger on my way to tour Mesa Verde. I don't get hung up on the aesthetics of where I stay; I prefer simple, clean hotels with good amenities to four-star affairs with beautiful tapestries and rooms like crowed shoeboxes that take 20 minutes to check into. There are few things more frustrating than paying $300 for a room and not getting free Wi-Fi. I have a goal to see all the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the United States. I'll admit I'm not doing too well so far.

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