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Since Jun 2010

35-49 year old female

Auckland, New Zealand

I am a NZ'er. Love travel. Don't mind roughing it because I believe that there is more travel value this way (i.e. meeting fellow travelers and local people). But generally "flashpack". Travel with my kids and family - who sometimes get very annoyed with the way I travel (that is: nothing much organised). I believe you can not organise something until you get to the place! Then if you don't like the place you can move on fast. I have lived in Asia (Thailand, Hong Kong and Shanghai for 16 years). I have a love hate relationship with China. I love living and travelling here and eating the delicious food - travelling is challenging and the experiences and sights are immense and not found elsewhere. I love travelling to places not on the usual tourist route. But get annoyed with the rudeness, bad habits, and the selfishness of some people here, dislike the local tourist industry and the high price of some tourist sights/experiences. I also hate getting ripped off.
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