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Since Jul 2005

Lives in Chickamauga, Georgia

35-49 year old female

I am a 40+ year-old single female who loves to travel. I was a computer programmer, but after being laid off after 25 years with the same company in 2009, I began looking for a new career. I have been in a committed relationship since 1992, but not married, and I'm a huge Chicago Cubs fan. My major hobbies including travel and photography. I am a member of the Photographic Society of Chattanooga, TN. My favorite travel destinations are almost any National Park (particularly the major ones), Orlando and Daytona Beach in Florida, and of course Chicago to see my Cubbies. I also love to visit St. Louis regularly, and hope to eventually attend all 30 Major League Baseball team cities and ballparks. I have 20 down and 10 more to go. If you wish to contact me off a forum list, simply send me a message and I will answer as quickly as I can. Keep in mind I have very limited internet access now, usually just twice per week.

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