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Since Feb 2006

50-64 year old male

Westfield, New Jersey

I am very lucky, I am self employed so that gives me more freedom to travel more than a lot of people do. I love to scuba dive. I almost always travel to somewhere so I/we can dive. The places we like to dive are The Cayman Islands, Bonaire, Cozumel and the Florida Keys. We don't care about staying in fancy resorts but do like to go to very good restaurants. I have been going to Key West and the lower Keys since I was a kid and we have been traveling there (as a couple) for over 25 years. When asked our kids (30, 28, 26 and 26) always choose to go to the Keys on vacation. Key West is a fun place and is easy for us to get to (even if for only a long weekend) so we get to enjoy KW and the lower Keys 4 to 6 times a year. We love the layed back life style of KW and have decided that when we retire we intend to move to and live in the lower keys.
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