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Since Feb 2007

35-49 year old female

New Jersey

We travel for work when we have to and for fun whenever we can. So far, nothing has beat strolling the back streets of Venice hand-in-hand, but who knows what's next! Update: The Dolomites have come dangerously close to beating out Venice as our favorite destination. The ascents were grueling - actually the descents weren't too easy either - but the scenery was spectacular, food hearty and delicious, and people so nice and welcoming. Heading back to Africa for more mountain and animal adventures! Update: I can't believe I just had to jump into the 35-49 bracket! Who really cares, though. Age is meaningless until you hit the senior citizen discount. Then there is more money to travel!!! We're heading back to Italy. Visited for the first time 6 years ago fulfilling a lifelong dream. Never in a million years did I think I would be going back for an 8th visit.
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