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Since Nov 2008

50-64 year old male

Moon Township, Pennsylvania

I change my avatar and location to reflect what I am doing, the time of year, holiday, and where I am. Enjoy. I am a Geologist, a Business Consultant, and a Paramedic... yes, a fairly unique combination. I travel the world helping energy companies make good decisions. My job is to give opinion. I am lucky that people want to pay for it. I fly a lot. Too much really, but they say half the fun is getting there. I believe that half the fun is planning to get there. Once you are there you are so jet-lagged that you don't know what fun is anyway. You will find my reviews biased against smokers and strongly favoring cleanliness. Less than 10% of all North American travelers request smoking rooms. I see no reason why they should ever make my stays inconvenient. Have a med problem on a flight I am on and you will wake up staring into my deep blue eyes.
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