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Encourage reviews the right way, without incentives

Encourage reviews the right way, without incentives

If your business is listed on TripAdvisor, it is important for you to understand our incentives policy. While we encourage you to ask guests to write reviews, giving out incentives in exchange for reviews is against TripAdvisor’s policy. Incentives are rewards or preferential treatment given in exchange for reviews.

This can be in the form of drawings, raffles, discounts, special treatment (i.e. upgrades, coupons, free amenities, gifts), etc. We strictly prohibit incentives because they can impact the legitimacy of reviews; guests who receive incentives may be more likely to write reviews that don’t match their true experience.

TripAdvisor penalizes properties that offer incentives. All reviews in question are removed and further penalties, which range from a warning to a red badge on your property page, are given out on a case-by-case basis. There are many acceptable ways to encourage reviews. To begin simply ask! Showing that you appreciate your guests’ feedback can go a long way.

For on and off-line tools to help remind guests, look no further than the Management Center. You can add widgets to your website or Facebook page, hand out reminder cards and much more! Log in to your Management Center to access all of these helpful tools, and to contact TripAdvisor if you have any questions regarding incentives. To read more about our incentives policy, see this guide.