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  • I don't want to give too much away as part of the experience is anticipation, the excitement of which delight will appear next.
Cuisines: Steakhouse
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  • The restaurant, which must be visited!
  • Beautiful
Cuisines: Seafood, Contemporary, International, Asian fusion
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  • Definitly one of the best Italian restaurant in Bangkok
  • Will keep going back!!!
Cuisines: Italian
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  • Not just dinner - an experience
  • A jolt to all the senses
Cuisines: Fusion
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  • Fine dining, you pay for it though
  • Sunset and fine dining
Cuisines: French, Thai, Pizza & Pasta
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  • Fantastic Surprise
  • Yummmy
Cuisines: Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Mediterranean
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  • Lovely service and delicious food!
  • Great food at a price
Cuisines: Mediterranean, Thai, Vegetarian, Contemporary
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  • Second Best Resturant We've Ever Eaten
  • Fine Dining
Cuisines: French, Mediterranean, Thai, Fusion
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  • Excellent Indian dining with a fantastic view
  • best restaurant
Cuisines: Indian
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