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  • The food was extraordinary. It looked good and tasted even better.
Cuisines: Caribbean, International, Fusion, Organic
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  • Imaginative, well worth the price
  • Amazing and a must
Cuisines: Eclectic
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  • Sheer rocks - it certainly does!!
  • Just wonderful
Cuisines: Mediterranean, Tapas, Bar
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  • There’s a reason it’s one of the best restaurants in Cuba
  • Fabulous Restaurant
Cuisines: Cuban
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  • Amazing atmosphere, delicious food, service needs to be improved
  • A truly unique special restaurant
Cuisines: Asian, Caribbean, French, International
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  • Excellent food, drinks and service
  • All Systems Go
Cuisines: Caribbean
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  • Favorite restaurant in Saint-Martin
  • Excellent in every way
Cuisines: French
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  • Wonderful imaginative flavorful
  • Our favorite meals on St Lucia
Cuisines: Indian
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  • Excellent
  • Great place, great food!
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  • Best all round
  • Great!
Cuisines: Sushi, Caribbean, British, Asian fusion
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