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  • Best hotel and travel agent in Yangshuo
  • Perfect hotel, beautiful, clean, well managed, friendly
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  • Beautiful setting, Lovely hotel
  • 3rd time in Yangshuo! Definitely the best place to stay !!!!!!!!
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  • Wonderful place in a small town
  • Great place for a family stay
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  • A magnificent resort with great views
  • Exquisite
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  • Bivou is the place to be in Lijiang
  • Modern hideout in an ancient city
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  • Great choice ... Away from Gamblers
  • A gem out of the madness
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  • authentic hutong, fantastic customer service
  • Wonderful boutique hotel in hutong
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  • Stay here; in the heart of BJ
  • Little Chinese Gem
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  • Right in the heart of Shuhe ancient city
  • Wonderful place
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  • Grace Hotel in Beijing is Fantastic
  • Artistic Urban Escape
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