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  • Beautiful, quiet retreat. As soon as you arrive, it's easy to forget you are just a few moments from the city. You can just turn around to remind yourself!
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  • Kings Welcome at the Ritz Carlton Millennia...Luxury Redefined !!!
  • Amazing luxurious stay.
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  • One of the best hotels we have stayed at!
  • Pure Luxury
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  • Excellent service and great location
  • One of the best hotel experiences around!
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  • best luxury hotel chain for families
  • Excellent time had!
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  • Pure Pleasure and style, in a friendly environment!
  • Exactly what you want from a 5 star
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  • Fantastic stay expect for the lizard
  • The Mercedes Benz of Hotels
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  • The epitome of how five star should be!
  • The most stunning hotel
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  • A beautiful concrete and marble oasis.
  • Couldn't have asked for more
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