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  • Beautiful resort. Lots of activities for all family members. Super courteous and attentive staff. 
The water fun area was a big bit with the kids.
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  • Heaven
  • Great everything!!!
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  • Great escape from it all
  • Lagen island
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  • Best for Romantic Getaway!
  • Nice rooms and good food
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  • Great resort with outstanding hospitality
  • Wonderful place! Great staff!
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  • Great place for relaxation and/or activities!
  • Great service at very affordable price
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  • One of the highlights of our trip
  • Best place to be in Puerto Galera!
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  • Great resort, amazing location and lovely staff
  • Finally... a good hotel in the Philippines!
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  • Value for Money. Super convenient location if you are traveling out of Clark Airport.
  • Relaxing, lovely pool and great buffet breakfast
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  • awesome white beach and more...
  • Nice accomodation
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