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  • Fijian hospitality with an Aussie twist
  • the way the world was fifty years ago
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  • Most beautiful place I've been to
  • Friendly, well-run and relaxing
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  • "Very nice spot to relax"
  • Perfect!
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  • Amazing special place for a family holiday!
  • Paradise
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  • Absolutely the Most Amazing Fiji Experience
  • Impossible not to relax
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  • welcoming, relaxing, and great fun
  • The whole package
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  • Great resort and best customer service you could ask for.
  • They have thought of everything!
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  • Really nice place to start your Fiji experience
  • Great Fishing Charter
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  • Fantastic, Beautiful, Paradise!
  • Perfect Getaway
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  • feed back of hotel
  • Best Hotel before flying out
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