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  • Turkey
North America
  • I'm not going to write about the great staff, wonderful food or exceptional restaurants, as I don't want too many people to find this gem. It's mine!
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  • Wonderful week in a wonderful place.
  • Excellent Family Holiday
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  • The best vacation I've ever had!
  • incredible
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  • Great food, location and facilities. Hope to return one day!
  • Our Second Time At Liberty Lara and Cannot Wait for Our Third!
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  • Incredible Hotel! Wonderful stay in Turkey
  • Amazing Location, wonderful holiday.
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  • Almost like Hyatt Regency Hawaii
  • Staff not very friendly
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  • Thank you Hillside management for getting this place so right
  • Fabulous Hotel
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  • We had a fantastic time!
  • Fantastic!
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  • 2nd Visit - this time with Friends
  • Fantastic! Can't really fault anything
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  • Sentido Perissia
  • Fabulous staff
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