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Kuta Travel Guide

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Best of Kuta

3 Days in Bali
3 Days in Bali

Three days is just enough time to get a taste of Bali, from its world-famous beaches to its icononic culture. All of Day 2 focuses on Bali's artistic capital, Ubud-- be sure to save time for browsing the city's many fine shops.

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Family-friendly Kuta

Kuta for young kids
Kuta for young kids

There are plenty of places in this tropical paradise for kids to be active and play -- and learn a little about Balinese culture along the way.

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Kuta on a budget

Bali on a Budget
Bali on a Budget

Bali has its share of high-priced tourist attractions, but visitors interested in the arts and nature can still find a number of things to do for free -- as well as places to explore for a very nominal entrance fee.

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Insiders' Kuta

Bali off the Beaten Path
Bali off the Beaten Path

From coral reefs to ancient villages to royal palaces, these attractions will give you a taste of Bali off the standard tourist path.

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Getaways from Kuta

Day trips around Bali
Day trips around Bali

It's worth exploring all of this beautiful Indonesian island -- and even one or two of the neighboring ones. Most visitors to Bali stay in the south, where the most popular beaches are, but the island is compact enough that even its farthest reaches can be explored in the course of a day's journey.

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