Aran' is a town in Thailand on the border of Cambodia (Poi-Pet) .While not a massive place it is pleasant in a relaxing kind of way,however don't expect the kind of night-life as you'de get in places like Bangkok or Pattaya because it's just a typical small Thai town.

There is a steady stream of "farangs" passing thru' either on their way to or coming from the border crossing (Aran is 6 km from the actual border and  it's about 7km from the bus station to border...(watch the tuk-tuk drivers they seem to enjoy playing ripp-off-the-tourist charging stupid prices fot relatavely short trips...yes they are even worse than the tuk-tuks in Bangkok!!). Most people who have travelled from Pattaya,Bangkok and the like have already done around 3 1/2-4 1/2 hours on the bus by the time they get here(usually mid-late afternoon) so decide to stay overnight before continuing onwards (at least another 5-6 hrs to Seam Reap,Cambodia on the bus).

If you decide to stay here, there are about 6-10 hotels,some motels and a couple of guest houses,ranging from the "Mermaid hotel" near the bus station(around 1,000+ baht/night) to Aran Gardens  (500-600baht/night) The second is the better choice; it's quieter and has hot showers).

There are also motels e.g. Market Motel; not  the best motel, despite having a pool. They advertise rooms at 250 baht/nt  but there will NOT be any rooms at that price (last one just gone....yeah right, only got rooms 500/600 baht). They have a restaurant that does euro style food but the staff are generally surly and do not speak good english.

Night Life

Not much; typical Thai bars where limited English is spoken. They generally do Thai food (if you can speak thai to order it).

You should get by as many places speak a little english....if in doubt ask at the market motel they should be able to point you in the right direction.