Castillo del Moral

The Castillo del Moral is located at the Plaza de España s/n. This castle was built by the Moors in the 9th century, possibly over an original Roman fort. In 1240 the Christian King Fernando II conquered the city and the castle. The soldier and noble Fernandez de Cordoba was associated closely with the castle. The castle is now in the center of the city in the Plaza de España. It has four towers in a large square floor plan, a large patio, and very thick walls. There is a Torre del Moral and a Torre de las Damas. There is a legend that the castle was used to imprison the Nazarite King Boabdil, El Chico. 

Today the castle has the local office of tourism. On the upper floors one can find the Museo Arqueologico y Etnologico. This museum contains all the past of Lucena, from coins, pottery, ceramics, and metal objects, all found in the environs of the city. There are ten salons where these are displayed. Of particular interest is the Jewish salon, where there are objects of the Jewish culture from the past. There is also the Cueva del Angel, which is a simulated cave showing the life of Neanderthals. This is one of the best museums of its kind in Andalusia.