Wuzhen Town is a historial water town at the center of a triangle formed by Shanghai, Hangzhou and Suzhou. It takes about 2 hours from Shanghai to Wuzhen by bus, and 1 hour and half from Hangzhou to Wuzhen. Recently, high speed railway is also available from Shanghai to Tongxiang. Tourist can take a 30-minute bus from Tongxiang to Wuzhen.

 Wuzhen town enjoys a1,300-year  history. It displays its profound culture and tradition. There are various of museums and traditional workshops. In the east part of Wuzhen (Wuzhen East), tourists can visit ancient bed museum, wine workshop, indigo fabric workshop, woodcarving workshop, shadow play, local opera and so on. In the west part (Wuzhen West), tourist can see soy sauce workshop, iron wok factory, garden, foot-binding culture musem, old post office, theatre, pagoda, children's museum and many more.

During the whole year, lots of folk custom activities are available, such as Chinese New Year (Spring Festival), Women's Day, Incense Fair, Double-Ninth Day.

Tourist can stay in Wuzhen scenic zone, as there are guesthouses, hotels and clubhouses for you to choose. Room rate vary from RMB 200 to RMB 28,000.  Guest usually check in at the Visitor Center which is a multi-functional place, and then take a free ferry boat to rooms. The admission ticket is RMB120 for Wuzhen West and RMB 100 for Wuzhen East. The conbination ticket is RMB 150, and night ticket at Wuzhen West is RMB 80. Boat rental fee in Wuzhen East is RMB 80 with up to 8 people, and in Wuzhen West is RMB 120 in daily time and RMB 180 at night with up to 6 people. There are bars, SPA, footmassage and teahouse for tourist to enjoy at night.