If you love Nutcrackers and other great wooden mementos that signify Germany, then you need to visit where they are in abundance, an entire villiage dedicated to this specialty: Seiffen.

You can easily spend several hours walking into various shops and even a factory for a free tour to watch them being made....still using hand tools. The shops are musuems of collections unto themselves, although you can buy the pieces.  

There are bigger than life displays in and out.

If you are a collector, this is the cheapest place on the planet to buy them.

The Seiffen bahn is not free, but it is a great deal for getting an air-conditoned and vocal tour on a very comfy little *train* that takes you not only around Seiffen, but through the countryside around Seiffen.  The tour is available in German and English.

Enjoy Seiffen, but be careful: you will want to buy everything!