Anyone wanting an 'off the tourist track' experience for a few hours on a Sunday morning might like to visit the Hmong Mrning Market (sundays only) at Nong Pet.

It's a half hour drive from Phonsavan and an early start will be needed because by 8am it's pretty much ll over.  This is a traditional market, meat, fruit, veg & clothing - nothing specifically for tourists to buy but friendly stall holders will try none the less. Go with a guide who can explain some of the unfamiliar vegies & spices. 

After the market, head along into 'town' and enjoy a freshly brewed coffee at the restaurant (it has a sign) on the left of the side street about 100m from the market.  Owned and run by an elderly couple it is a potted history of the area. The man was a french teacher before the 'Secret War' so if you can speak even a few words, you will be warmly greeted.  Sip your freshly brewed coffee and nibble on the little cakes your hostess puts on her best plate to serve you, check out their collection of bombies (bomblets), claymore mines and other munitions from a time no-one should forget and just enjoy the hospitality far, far from other tourists.

Booked as a 'private tour' departure was 6.30am, return about 9.30am, cost about $35 - more expensive than probably it should have been but thoroughly enjoyable none the less.