Vienna is a great town in the suburbs of Washington, DC.  I lived there for 25 years and am honored and grateful to grow up in such an awesome town.  People are nice and businesses are great.  Schools are incredible.

Maple Ave is the same as Rt. 123.  It always has a lot of traffic on it.  To avoid the traffic, use back roads (so make sure you have a map of Vienna).  There are many local, non-chain, restaurants in Vienna.  See the Vienna forum for dining for the restaurants.  Vienna is cheaper to stay in, but there are not many hotels.  The last stop on the Orange line is Vienna and is an easy way to go into D.C.  Locals don't even drive into the city, we take the metro.  It is fast, cheap and easy.  Parking in DC is scarce and expensive. 

Vienna is close to Fairfax and also Tyson's Corner.  It is located off of I-66.  If you don't stay in Vienna when you are in the area, at least drive through the town.  There are quite a few cobbled sidewalks.  Church St. is very historic and has some cute shops to visit.  Visit Vienna on your next trip to Fairfax or Tyson's Corner and you won't be disappointed!