Before you go:

  • Make dinner reservations at Clarke Cooke and The Mooring
  • Book your hotel (inn or B&B is best, there are only a few big hotels and they are very expensive and unnecessary) - make sure your hotel has free parking and is close to the Wharfs

Day One

  • Arrive in Newport, stay at one of the cute inns or B&Bs (make sure your hotel has free parking!)
  • Grab lunch on Bannister or Bowens Wharf (such as Diego's for Mexican, have some fresh fish tacos).  While you are there, stop by the booth for the Adirondack II sailing trip and sign up for the dark & stormy tour later that evening.
  • Explore the wharfs for a bit then hop in the car and drive a few miles to the Cliff Walk (depending on the weather and how far you want to walk, you can start at the "40 steps" and walk to the right to see the university, some of the mansions, and some beautiful scenery, then turn around and walk back.  You shouldn't have a problem finding parking along the street by the entrance to the 40 Steps / Cliff Walk)
  •  Go back to hotel to shower and change
  • Head to Bowen's Wharf for your late afternoon sail, be sure to try a traditional nautical drink - the Dark & Stormy - and ask to steer the boat!
  • Walk across the wharf to the Clarke Cooke restaurant for dinner

Day Two

  • Skip breakfast at your B&B and go to Corner Cafe - best brunch in town!
  • Go to the Touro Synagogue for a quick 30 minute history - suitable and interesting for anyone regardless of your religion
  • Walk around Spring Street galleries and shops for a little
  • Hop in the car and drive the 10 mile Ocean Drive - don't forget your camera
  • Towards the end of the Ocean Drive, be sure to stop off at the Castle Hill Inn where you can sit on the adirondack chairs on the lawn and order cocktails while watching sailboats pass by.  The blueberry lemonade is amazing, get it!
  • On the way back, walk off the buzz on a mansion tour - the Breakers is the most famous, but take your pick.
  • By now you're probably pretty hungry so either go to The Mooring for dinner or pick another restaurant for a delicious dinner and go to The Mooring for lunch on your last day  

Day Three

  • You can try breakfast at Franklin Spa
  • Walk around Thames street in and out of some of the shops, get in any last attractions like the Tennis Hall of Fame
  • Swing by the Mad Hatter bakery to pick up some sweets for the drive home
  • Lunch on the porch at The Mooring - or if you had dinner here the night before, enjoy lunch at one of the other restaurants on the Wharfs
  • Pack up and head out



  • If you are there on a weekend, stop by the Spring Seasons Inn for afternoon tea
  • Check out the country's oldest pub, the White Horse Tavern, after dinner one night 
  • Download a flashlight app on your iPhone, or bring a real flashlight, if your hotel isn't directly in 'town' - there are no street lights when you start walking towards the outskirts where many inns are