This is a place for information on Santa Fe places and businesses that allow or welcome dogs. Please add to or correct/update any information on it. Hotels & places to stay: The Old Santa Fe Inn - great location, great prices, delicious breakfast, very nice guests & many dogs. Walking distance to Old Santa Fe. Ten Thousand Waves Japanese Spa - for overnight guests, dogs are welcome. Just outside Santa Fe, it's a world class destination for massage and body treatments. Places to eat: Have not found any - the laws must be really enforced because over the years the eating establishments have become really strict about keeping dogs, cats, etc. a specific distance from where food is served. Everyone in Santa Fe seems to love dogs, so all I can imagine is that there are huge fines put on owners who do not comply. Solution: Get take out from a restaurant or Whole Foods and picnic with your pooch in the Old Santa Fe main square. Shopping: Taking your dog into shops selling goods other than food is an option of the store management. Skylight 139 W San Fransico St. has an outdoor dining patio and they allow pets and even have water service for them while your out walking.