This place has been closed for several years.  


How to buy local native art in Santa Fe the easy way

It would be wonderful to visit each and every pueblo and trading post but there are so many different pueblos and so little time. The Pojoaque Visitors Center offers original works from many local native artists and is located at 96 Cities of Gold Rd. on the service road next to Rt 25. (can't remember what exit number it was but putting Villareal St. (north of Santa Fe about 15 miles) in your navigator is that exit).

Artsts from many different pueblos offer pottery, dolls, jewelry, toys and so much more in every price range from nicknacks to collectibles.
Prices are very reasonable whether your goal is knicknacks or collectibles. They offer bubblewrap and secure packaging for breakable works.
The variety on display is extensive. Pleasant service along with great information about the area is freely given, such as what pueblos would be open and which ones might be closed, which casinos are nonsmoking (only Taos is totally nonsmoking, others have smaller areas).

Note: the outside sign may just say "Visitor Information" without Pojoaque mentioned but when you look it up on google, etc that is the name.

Another note: using navigation systems to find pueblos in the area is pretty awful because they are far from the beaten path. Better to use google, print the page and follow their directions, otherwise you may spend a lot of time getting lost.