Tucson is such a fun place to visit in part because of the combination of cultures that have helped to form its personality.  The city is about 70 miles north of Mexico, and traces its history back to the Spanish colonial era and the Old West. The combination of Mexican, Native American and Western cultures is reflected in the wide array of dining, music and cultural activities happening in the city year round.  You will learn plenty even as you're having lots of fun.

     The city has also become increasingly popular among retirees from other states and has attracted its fair share of artists and other creative people who are drawn to the surrounding mountains and desert scenery.  This diversity helps ensure that there is plenty to do at night in Tucson, plenty of museums to visit and plenty of live music to hear.  Orchestras include the Tucson Symphony,, Southern Arizona Symphony, Arizona Friends of Chamber Music (with their fabulous winter festival), as well as the programs at the University of Arizona's Crowder Hall and Holsclaw Hall. Art vanues include the Tucson Museum of Art, a contemporary art museum  http://www.moca-tucson.org/ ,the University of Arizona Museum of Art, and many local galleries. Tucson is full of murals, and the Tucson Murals Project blog lists almost 1,000 of them. Local as well as national bands play nightly at several venues around town, including The Rialto Theatre and Club Congress.