Salt Lake has a bustling event schedule, many of which have to do with Utah's pioneer history.

The Days of '47 celebrates Utah's pioneers and runs from May through July with various kinds of events including a rodeo, a pops concert, equestrian activities, and one of Utah's oldest and ornate parades. July 24th is Utah's official Pioneer Day, and Salt Lake goes nuts for the parades, pioneer reenactments, fireworks, and barbeques.

Salt Lake also loves its arts festivals, the most famous of which is the Sundance Film Festival that happens in January in Salt Lake City and in Park City.

The Salt Lake Gallery Association runs the Gallery Stroll on the third Friday of each month from 6-9 where all the major galleries in town open to the public.

From June through October, 2009 The Shakespearean Festival mounts several productions.

The Utah Arts Festival in June showcases the area's best at Library Square.

The Folk and Bluegrass Festival in July recharges the city with plenty of music at Snowbird in Big Cottonwood Canyon.

And there's no shortage of food: The Greek Festival, Great Salt Lake Chili Affair, and Oktoberfest all fall in October.

For the quirkier events, check out the Utah Country Fair (July), or Bowling for Rhinos (bowling for African animals) or the Jeep Safaris, both in April, or the Wildflower Festival or Railroader's Festival, both in August. (see this detailed list for more