Everybody knows about the snow and the ski resorts in Salt Lake City due to the Olympic Game of 2002. But aside from that,  do you know what there is to do in Salt Lake City? Not sure? Keep reading then!

Architectural Stop:

The Cathedral of Madeleine lets you discover the Gothic and Romanesque style. Take a tour to learn all about the history behind the architecture of the Cathedral.

Cultural Stops:

Salt Lake City has a great selection of interesting museums.

- The Antique- Classic Automobile Museum is one of the largest car museums. You can find international models that you will not see anywhere else in the USA.
- The Daughters of Utah Pioneer Museum is a great place to learn about the history of the city through out the years.
- The Discovery Gateway Museum is a great place to take your kids. Thanks to the many hands-on exhibits, they will have a great learning experience and an entertaining time.
- Come discover traditional art at the Chase Home Museum of Utah Folk Arts, where crafts and culture of the different communities are shared in different galleries.

Historic Stop:

The pioneers are of course an important topic in Utah. Don't miss The Place Heritage Park, and learn about the Mormon trail, the pioneers and their leader Brigham Young.

Nature Stop:

One of the magnificent  state park in Utah you cannot miss is right here. Plan an outdoor activities trip in the Antelope Island State Park and Great Salt Lake Park.  It is especially recommended as a family vacation destination.
If you are looking for some hiking and amazing scenery, Big or Little Cottonwood Canyon are great destinations. You can find hikes suitable for everyone. And if  you don't really want to hike, it is recommended to make the drive just to take advantage of the views they offer.

There are a lot fun things to do in Salt Lake City, and if you enjoy winter sports as well, then you can plan a very diversified trip to Salt Lake City, Utah!