There are several attractions in Hot Springs that people consider “must do” and “must see” activities. Here’s a sampling.

First, check out the Arkansas Alligator Farm, located at 847 Whittington Ave., where there are more than 200 North American alligators. If you’re lucky, you’ll get to feed the alligators (food, that is, not your arm). There’s also a small petting zoo. This farm is the oldest attraction Hot Springs and was once named one of the best animal sanctuaries in the United States.

Definitely on the list of things to see is “Clower’s Zoo with IQ”, a “show” where highly educated animals (this place was originally called the “ I.Q. Zoo”) put on a show which includes ducks “escaping” from a small replica of the Titanic, while you listen to Celine Dion sing “ My Heart Will Go On” in the background. There are many different animals showing off their respective IQ’s here, so don’t miss it. It’s located in downtown Hot Springs.

Created 50 years ago by the Moshinskie Family, Tiny Town Trains is a must see family attraction. Completely handcrafted using recycled materials, this tiny village features scenes from across America and even sends you back in time. Children love to activate the trains and animation by pushing buttons along the way. Located at 374 Whittington Avenue this one-of -a-kind attraction is also easy on the pocketbook. Fun for all ages. Open 10 to 4, closed Sundays .

Finally, for some relaxations, head for Garvan Woodland Gardens, a beautiful botanical gardens grouping that will give you a minute to catch your breath and relax. It’s located at 550 Arkridge Road and is open 7 days a week year-round.