Chatham Area Transit (CAT) is Savannah's municipal transportation system. In the historic district, they operate a free shuttle service, the route is found on this site:  and on this site chatham area transit They offer a free shuttle down River Street, a free boat across the river to Hutcheson Island, and a free bus which loops around the downtown  of Savannah, including Forsyth  Park and River Street, ALL FOR FREE!

Now its true that the shuttle service is transportation only but you can always ask the driver questions.  The Drivers are all very  knowledgeable and friendly.  The key to this service is being at the stop.  There are two types of signs, one that is a green sign with gold letters that says "SHUTTLE STOP"  The other one says  "CONNECT THE DOT'.  As for the FREE TRANSPORTATION<<<THEY ARE ALL ADA ACCESSIBLE. You will not find that with most paid trolleys, so be sure to ask before buying one of those online.  REMEMBER THESE SHUTTLES, BOATS, AND THE TRAIN  ARE ALL FREE.

 As for the appearance, sometimes it is a bus that says CONNECT THE DOT SAVANNAH, sometimes it is a dark green trolley, sometimes it is a mini-bus with the CAT logo, and sometimes it is a large city bus with the CAT logo. The vehicles will  usually display a marquee across the top front stating "free shuttle". Once again the key is to be at the clearly marked stops. The rest is so simple just climb on!

These are wonderful services for travelers to Savannah to use. Once again,   the new  schedules can be found here at    and here at  There is a Pick Up is right by the Visitor Center's Parking lot on MLK.  There are additional free stops all  over Savannah.  The stops are by most tourist sites including City Market, Bay Street, and most garages.  Again, these are not narrated services, but you sure get to get around Savannah on a variety of very nice and unique forms of travel!  Look for the clearly marked signs, and visit the website.  You will be glad you did. 

To make sure there is no confusion, there are MANY private sightseeing tour companies in Savannah that use trolleys as their main source of transportation. The city is specific on a color system that identifies each company So you will see blue trolleys and also white and red and orange/green trolleys,   Just remember the color of the one you are on if you choose to use one of the private companies. for trolly.  The tour companies provide a narrated sightseeing tour as you go around the city and charge accordingly. They stop at designated stops, but their signage is completely different.That  signage is white with a blue logo of a bus and blue lettering "local tour buses only".

Probably the easiest way to spot the free trolley is to make sure you are at one of their stops. They will stop all during the day and evening and pick you up and take you on your way.  HERE'S HOPING YA'LL ENJOY SAVANNAH, AND SUPPORT THE  LOCAL MERCHANTS AND OTHER COMPANIES.