Panzone's in Mandarin is not owned by the same people as in Long Beach Island, NJ.  HOWEVER, their pizza, hoagies, and cheese steaks are typical of New Jersey style -  a cross between Philadelphia and NY style Italian food, with thinner crusts with the toppings actually on the TOP of the cheese.  The Philly-style hoagie rolls are authentic, and the dinners are made-to-order fresh with hand-breaded chicken parm that isn't breaded until you order it.  You can also order such fare as lasagna, meatballs, and more.

Whether you drop in for a slice, a hoagie, or dinner, you will find a relaxing atmosphere with a variety of soft drinks, domestic and imported wines & beers to accompany your food. 

They also have a Kids' Menu which includeds Mac & Cheese, corn dogs, triple-decker grilled cheese, pasta and more.

 And they didn't stop there!  You can order appetizers through dessert at this restaurant in the heart of Mandarin!