Gettysburg is not a huge center for shopping sprees. In keeping with the style of the town, you will find many smaller shops, many of which focus on antiques and other collectables. There are some smaller strip malls in the surrounding areas, but there aren't any mega-complexes to spend the entire day shopping in. However, it is better this way. You wouldn't want a large complex ruining the peace and tranquility of this town. Afterall, the town serves as a humble reminder of out past, and you wouldn't want it cheapened with stores everywhere. This is not to say that there is nothing to buy in the town though. Almost everywhere you look, you will be able to buy souvenirs and memorabelia that shows you were at Gettsyburg. Some of these things can range from t-shirts to shot glasses. There are other items that can be a bit more expensive however, such as collectors items and objects that proprietors can claim to have come from the battle. You need to watch out for this though. Often you can be told something is genuine and from the war, but it is simply a very realistic mock up. This doesn't happen often, but you want to keep your eyes open. There are also other regular shops in the town, but these are your average run of the mill stores. You wouldn't travel a long distance to come to Gettysburg for the shopping.

About 5 miles Southeast of town you will find a huge selection of outlet stores all nestled together in an area called Gettysburg Village.  In addition to outlet stores ranging from Adidas, to Eddie Bauer, to Gap, to stores that specialize in kitchen utensils, you will also find a decent food court and a 12 screen theatre.  Gettysburg Village is an easy 10 minute drive from the heart of downtown.