Gettysburg, is a small town and does not have taxis. If you are coming from an airport (e.g. Dulles, BWI, or Harrisburg) you must either rent a car or arrange for a limo to take you. Likewise, when you leave Gettysburg, you must hire a car or a private limo. However, the town is small enough that you could get around all right on your own on foot. There are no taxis that roam around like they would in a large city. You can rent a car from a nearby airport or from the Amtrak train station in Harrisburg. The only car rental agency in Gettysburg is Enterprise. The prices for the car rental are standard, but they will vary depending on the type of car you get and how long you will have it for. It wouldn't be a bad idea to have a rental car in the town because this will give you options to visit other attractions in the surrounding areas, and you don't have to worry about needing a ride.