Before you set out on any trip, whether it is just for the day or for several, you want to check the conditions. If you want to know how the weather will be when you go on your trip, the most commonly used website is The Weather Channel website. This website can give you either up to date information on the weather, or a 10-day forecast. Also, an important thing to know is how to get there. If you're going to be driving yourself there, you should have the right maps and directions. A lot of people like to use Mapquest or Rand McNally online, but you can also check with AAA before you go. AAA will have the latest updates on road conditions and maps, and if you are a member you can get these services for free. If you are not a member, you can still get most of them for a small fee. Another good website to check is the official website for Gettysburg . This has the most detailed information on the town, and specifically on the battle itself. You can also request a free travel guide on visiting Gettysburg. If you want to do a little background information on the battle before you go and show off your knowledge to a tour guide, you can either watch The History Channel or visit it online.