One of the best written books on the Civil War, and the Battle of Gettysburg in specific, is The Killer Angels , by Michael Shaara. Though this book is a historical fiction, it is extremely accurate and detailed about the three day battle that took place in Gettysburg. It even goes into detail about what the town was like during the battle. Shaara goes through the minds and hearts of both Union and Confederate troops, and tries to explain exactly what the battle plans were. He also explains with great accuracy just how the battle took place, and the direct and indirect reprecussions afterwards. This is an extremely interesting book and gives some real insight into not only the battle, but the scars it left on the town. If you are interested in either war novels or just history, this is a must read. Naturally, there have been literally tons of books written on the battle, and countless other documentaries and films, but The Killer Angels is considered the best by many who have both visited Gettysburg, and those who have devoted their life to researching the war. If you read this book before you visit the town, you will understand more of the history when you get there and it will give you a greater appreciation for what you are seeing. If you read it after you have visited, it might help clarify some points.

The best book that is not fiction like Killer Angels is Steven Sears book GETTYSBURG