It is simply surprising how many works are out there about such a tiny dot on the map.  

Some of the titles are also pretty amusing.

For example, Mammoth from the Inside: The Honest Guide to Mammoth & the Eastern Sierra apparently seeks to establish itself with its readers as the guidebook that’s not going to lie to you.  Written by Colleen Dunn Bates, the Honest Guide is very informative—a 240-page repository of recommendations and practical info for summer and winter travel to the area that will be of use to anyone about to visit the slopes.

Mammoth Lakes Sierra: A Handbook for Roadside and Trail by Dean Rinehart, Elden Vestal, and Bettie E. Willard furnishes the reader with a photo tour of the ecology to be explored in the region.  The Mammoth Lakes Sierra by Genny Smith is a 150-page publication adequate to its subject.

The most hilariously long-winded title would be What Shall We Do Tomorrow in the Mammoth Lakes Sierra: A Complete Activities Guide Between Bishop and Bodie .  However you put the question, authors Ellie Huggins and Don Douglass offer a couple hundred pages of answers, including very valuable hours of operations and price info for common attractions.  Outside of shorter reads available online , what you shall do, or should do, is grab this text before heading west.

Fishermen, reel-in Fly Fishing Mammoth: A Fly Fisher’s Guide to the Mammoth Lakes Area by Mark J. Heskett to tackle any potential problems you could foresee having in this fishy idyll.