One good place to shop is Horton Plaza, in the middle of San Diego.

Walking downtown San Diego, Horton Plaza finds you.  A good tote is highly recommended while shopping to carry the camera, snacks, water, map, sunglasses and anything else you need while exploring.  This mall is comprised of many blocks filled with shops, food, and dining.

For high-end designers, go to La Jolla. The shops by the beach are like a mini-Rodeo Drive.   A little farther north, visit Del Mar Plaza.  Del Mar Plaza is a lifestyle center offering a mix of high-end shopping and dining.  With 22 distinctive stores and boutiques, visitors can shop for designer clothing and shoes, fine jewelry, artwork, and home décor.  For the food-minded, visitors can relax at one of the plaza’s nine restaurants of various cuisines.  Additionally, services such as a food market, hair salons, spa, dry cleaners, financial and realty are also available.  More than 160,000 sq. ft. of public space is incorporated with comfortable seating and panoramic ocean views.

Horton Plaza _Open Air Mall

Bazaar del Mundo-Old Town
Shopping at Bazaar del Mundo: Trekking across the border to Tijuana can be a drag (especially with post-9/11 security delays), but if south-of-the-border souvenirs are your aim, head instead to this one-of-a-kind world market in Old Town. The selection, in 16 interconnected shops, owes a lot to the vision and taste of one woman, and quality handcrafts, clothing, textiles, jewelry, and art from Mexico and Central and South America are sold. You can dive into a margarita and enchiladas between purchases.

And don't forget, there's two plazas right off of Highway 8 better known as Hotel Circle. Ask around about Mission Valley Mall and the higher end Fashion Valley Mall.