When visiting Beautiful San Diego, Ca. and indulging in the wonders of the "San Diego Zoo", save some time and energy to visit one of  the city's most beautiful, culturally rich, entertaining (for "Fee or Free"), relaxing and exciting places to spend time wondering through well kept trails filled with a variety of botanical delights.

The San Diego Zoo, though large in its area mass sits just on the outer northeast edge of  Balboa Park which is massed at 1,200 acres, the largest metropolitan/ urban park in all of North America, even exceeding New York's Central Park.

Balboa Park is not only famous for land mass, it could also tout itself as the oldest "designated city land to be used recreationally in the year of 1835.

Just like many manmade "super amusement parks" of today, to thoroughly appreciate all it has to offer, one must plan two days to explore, experience and take in all of the many wonders of this great park.

Your adventure starts just yards south of the gate as you exit from the San Diego Zoo, walking 3 minutes from the gate you'll come upon what looks like an old village just steps from the sidewalk, but as you enter the area you will find a number of cozy little artists shops where you are welcome to come in and, in some shops, you'll be able to actually create your own works of art, from painting to clay making with the advice of Some of San Diego's best artists. 'Beyond this quaint attraction lies the "Prada" where many of the city's finest museums are quartered.

For extra fun and local culture, visit on a lovely Spring or Summer Weekend days when the El Prado is teaming with local street entertainers, comedians and jugglers. You will find many food vendors and items for snacking, perhaps at  The Prado Restaurant.

There are far too many things to do and see in Balboa Park to list here! Believe it, as with the beaches, this park is a "MUST SEE!"