Contrary to the image of iced fingers and frozen noses, Moab fans assure that Winter is not an obstacle to hiking and biking the "Country of Canyons". The coldest month is January when temperatures hit the lowest mark (42°), but days are mostly sunny and it doesn’t feel so cold. It doesn’t snow so frequently and when it does it is not a heavy downpour and the snow quickly melts. It is recommend that you take gloves, a raincoat and hat to the trails even if it is a sunny day when you leave your hotel.

Summer shouldn’t be an obstacle as well, although temperatures hit the 100° in July. Take extra bottles of water and a hat is indispensable. And a good supply of sun screen. The best time of the day for outdoor sports are the mornings and evenings when a cool breeze is a balsam to the senses.

Springs and Fall are the best seasons as days are sunny and the temperatures are moderate (March average of 62°, May of 82°; September 87° and October 57°); there are no time limits for outdoors enjoyment.

When planning your day, check the updates of the weather at and at